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Claudia Schiffer

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Theresa Lourenco PH: Juan Algarin. This image was cut from the final edit by an art director intent on sabotage.Theresa Lourenc0 PH: Juan Algarin. This image was cut from the final edit by an art director intent on sabotage.

Recently I've been excavating my old Brooklyn apartment in anticipation of closing that chapter of my life. And just like the lyric from a Pet Shop Boy song ("Being Boring" from the "Behavior" LP) while packing up …I came across a cache of old photographs. These were mostly in the form of Polaroids from the days when I fancied myself a stylist. I did not take great care of these Polaroids because y'know…Polaroids were the tool you used to gauge if your picture was looking right or not. Those days, like Polaroids were meant to be instant, heedless, disposable and inured to nostalgia. And how we despised nostalgia, references and anything retro!

CAMPAIGNORAMA : It's 1998 All Over Again.

Claudia Schiffer rides again! Just ask VFClaudia Schiffer rides again!Just ask VF

Question. If as hiss has it, Claudia is Chanel FW 08 and Naomi YSL with Kate set to log her inevitable 4-pack of camps, where does that leave today's mob of bright eyed newcomers? The magazines are awash with Top Newcomers edits. V must do one. German Vogue has one pending and the new incarnation of Interview under Karl Templer's stewardship kicks off with a visual ode to today's Top New Stars but these girls will not be populating the blue chip campaigns this season from the look of things.
This is not a new story. Clients are clear where they stand on this issue. In the rare cases that they cast from the current ranks of models, they still contract those girls with a track record. Think for instance about that certain haute editorial blonde who dropped out from the scene a few seasons back. She's in much demand these days proving that certain girls will always find a space on the call sheet waiting for them. Or you could be Lara Stone and find yourself constantly needed on those best sets. Now consider the curious political change-ups at that hallmark American label which seems to be hopping from girl to girl per season. The days of long term commitments seem to be over at that house.


Terry the iconoclast! PH Terry Richardson via terryrichardson.comTerry the iconoclast! PH Terry Richardson via

A Return To Women

Diana Dondoe and Missy Raydar Rule Self Service's Winter IssueDiana Dondoe and Missy Raydar Rule Self Service's Winter Issue


Claudia Schiffer in Vogue Paris: August 2007Claudia Schiffer in Vogue Paris: August 2007

"I mean I'm not nervous when I walk onto the set for a photo-shoot because there is very little that's going to happen that hasn't happened before."
Claudia Schiffer to TI.

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