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Shades of Kate Moss in that legendary "Summer Of Love" The Face edit. PH Joseph SzaboShades of Kate Moss in that legendary "Summer Of Love" The Face edit. PH Joseph Szabo

We all know this strangely beautiful and rather unsettling photograph of a too-young girl having a smoke. The photographer was Joseph Szabo who chronicled the carrys-on of his students at Malverne High School in Nassau County Long Island . As an intro to Szabo's monograph states "For 25 years he recorded their sensitivity, pretensions, passions and confusion in this series of extraordinary images. Some of his subjects are sweetly self-conscious whilst others are self-assured beyond their years. Szabo captures the pathological significance of clothes, the stylistic necessity of cigarettes, the heavy mascara, the convertibles, the longing, the blossoming sexuality , the confusion and the time spent just doing nothing.". Interestingly enough I discovered this morning that these images by Szabo were a huge influence on Corrine Day and Melanie Ward during their landmark collaborations for The Face in the 90's. Which just goes to prove that everything infuences everything else and nothing exists in a vacuum. Copies of Szabo's book titled "Teenage" with their seminal repository of 70's teen style imagery are incredibly expensive these days (prices on ebay already range from $400 to $1200) . And maybe that is one more reason for you to pick up a camera of your own.

almost grown

"almost grown" was the original book that came out in the 70's. it has the photo you've put up which was used for a dinosaur jr. album cover. the book also has a pic of a young tony danza. it also includes high school poetry : )

bruce weber helped to give him a small career in fashion and advertising. he's been a fan of joe's since the 80's.

the book "teenage" came out in 2003.

joe still lives in amityville and prints in the darkroom in the garage.

oh my gosh.

so I am a student of Malverne High School. Seeing these pictures, learning about joe, and thinking back to my own experiences of high school in only my first month of being in it, this is amazing. I am obsessed with the works of Joe Szabo now, and have been almost everywhere the students in his pictures have been. <3 :) soooo glad i live in malverne right now!

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