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Louis Vuitton

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SIlent Flashes Forward

Ria by Alexandra Utzmann for CR Fashion Book @riasalvation @alexandrautzmann @crfashionbookRia by Alexandra Utzmann for CR Fashion Book @riasalvation @alexandrautzmann @crfashionbook

If someone were to create a board game around the idea of 'making the model', the pathways and the rule set would be quite easy to map out. A wide eyed nubie…in a digital sheet, sped to the great model breakers... and then…quick... the snap up to the exclusives and coveted slots, hopefully catching the eye of the power designers, stylists, photographers and booking editors that keep fashion in a state of maximum relevancy.

The equivalent to that model making process, is the cycles in which the market looks for a management company that reflects an idea or an ideal that keeps the booking game from becoming too settled around the same agencies always. Every few seasons tastemakers hunt for an agency that introduces a fresh new angle on model tastes.That's fashion, all flux. The tides must shift... just because.

In that regard, through a build up of bookings at Interview, 032c, CR Fashion Book and iD, not to mention the recent Resort and Couture runways for Calvin, Altazarra, Gucci, Vuitton, Dior and Valentino, Silent NY which has been flashing an interesting signal in recent months as the hot new shop for directional clients to cull cool new faces.

Silent's President, Peter Fitzpatrick has always been one of my favorite managers to stop in for a lunch or breakfast whenever I'm in New York. I would put good money down that he's a natural born chess player. In talking about the business with him, I always sense a very good critical intelligence at play…gathering as much information as it trades, even as it is filtering out to the bigger picture of what modeling could mean in a digital era. Between quantifiable metrics and qualified tastes, there are always new possibilities waiting to be forged . The 6 years of dedicated work at Silent has more than acclimatized him to the subtle nuances of management and I've always wondered how a super-smart Harvard grad such as Peter ended up at the non-stop carnival that is the modeling industry. Here's what he divulged.


Tone on tone.Tone on tone.

Methinks this kid was like, engineered

TI IS MAD FOR : I Just Arrived In Paris : Nicolas Ghesquiere & Juergen Teller

Passion in a seductive package.Passion in a seductive package.

It's so beautiful - quality box, photo prints, small fold out posters, large fold out posters, a letter from Juergen Teller in English and françois. It's like the best Fashion Week show package ever, with the highest budget... as an object it works !

James Tinnelly on " I Just Arrived In Paris" - Nicolas Ghesquiere & Juergen Teller

TI IS MAD FOR: Base Design's logo and visual language for the Foundation Louis Vuitton

"If the building is a sailboat, why not a vessel that will take you on new and exciting journeys?""If the building is a sailboat, why not a vessel that will take you on new and exciting journeys?"

Louis Vuitton’s chairman Bernard Arnault wanted to offer Paris an exceptional new space for contemporary art. So he asked Frank Gehry to design an emblematic building-vessel “symbolizing the cultural calling of France”. Base's task was to create a logo and visual language that embodied the vision of the project’s two grandmasters.

Eagerly Anticipating: I Just Arrived In Paris: Louis Vuitton, Fall–Winter 2014/15: Juergen Teller: Nicholas Ghesquière : Steidl

Backstage posters | campaign prints | photo prints in a handmade box.Backstage posters | campaign prints | photo prints in a handmade box.

When you can make an art book of the backstage as well as the ad pics, then you know you are supremely contemporary... P.R post jump !

Private As The New Sexy At Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Presents Retracing the Trunk from Louis Vuitton on Vimeo.

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall when the House of Vuitton has one of its meetings on its advertising and marketing strategies over the next year or so? As a consumer you're not supposed to even sense that there is construction and strategy behind it all. All you have to do is be convinced, seduced and then spend.

Finding The Line: Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2014-15

As collection as subtle as the effect of the window louvres casting chevron patterned shadows in the show space.As collection as subtle as the effect of the window louvres casting chevron patterned shadows in the show space.

Nicholas Ghesquière's debut at Vuitton served as an incredibly refined  distillation of the  core codes  of the brand, both as ready to wear, as well for the identity of the all important accessories and bags.

Scoop du Jour: The Ghesquière LV Hiss.

LV FW14 invite by @mmparisdotcomLV FW14 invite by @mmparisdotcom

No doubt about it, the debut of Nicholas Ghesquière as the designer of Louis Vuitton FW14 has the kids frothing over with hysterical anticipation. This show is the bigget thing for the demi-monde since... Well the fade to grey of Helmut Lang. ( Paging Juergen Teller, white courtesy telephone please)


In this FW14 collection, Thomas Tait signaled his blockbuster potential.In this FW14 collection, Thomas Tait signaled his blockbuster potential.

As the fashion circus hangs in high suspense between Milan and Paris , it begs the question... Taste and place, city and identity, in a world  compressed by the post-digital and the post-global , what does it mean anymore?

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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