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SIlent Flashes Forward

Ria by Alexandra Utzmann for CR Fashion Book @riasalvation @alexandrautzmann @crfashionbookRia by Alexandra Utzmann for CR Fashion Book @riasalvation @alexandrautzmann @crfashionbook

If someone were to create a board game around the idea of 'making the model', the pathways and the rule set would be quite easy to map out. A wide eyed nubie…in a digital sheet, sped to the great model breakers... and then…quick... the snap up to the exclusives and coveted slots, hopefully catching the eye of the power designers, stylists, photographers and booking editors that keep fashion in a state of maximum relevancy.

The equivalent to that model making process, is the cycles in which the market looks for a management company that reflects an idea or an ideal that keeps the booking game from becoming too settled around the same agencies always. Every few seasons tastemakers hunt for an agency that introduces a fresh new angle on model tastes.That's fashion, all flux. The tides must shift... just because.

In that regard, through a build up of bookings at Interview, 032c, CR Fashion Book and iD, not to mention the recent Resort and Couture runways for Calvin, Altazarra, Gucci, Vuitton, Dior and Valentino, Silent NY which has been flashing an interesting signal in recent months as the hot new shop for directional clients to cull cool new faces.

Silent's President, Peter Fitzpatrick has always been one of my favorite managers to stop in for a lunch or breakfast whenever I'm in New York. I would put good money down that he's a natural born chess player. In talking about the business with him, I always sense a very good critical intelligence at play…gathering as much information as it trades, even as it is filtering out to the bigger picture of what modeling could mean in a digital era. Between quantifiable metrics and qualified tastes, there are always new possibilities waiting to be forged . The 6 years of dedicated work at Silent has more than acclimatized him to the subtle nuances of management and I've always wondered how a super-smart Harvard grad such as Peter ended up at the non-stop carnival that is the modeling industry. Here's what he divulged.

Cindy Bruna and The Next Beauty Wave

Cindy photographed by the great Hans Feurer. Styled by Caroline Christiannson for The Reality Show magazine Issue #9.Cindy photographed by the great Hans Feurer. Styled by Caroline Christiannson for The Reality Show magazine Issue #9.

Cindy Bruna on that sublim

That Girl @marjanjonkman !

Loving This New  Dutch Wave ( with Edge.)Loving This New Dutch Wave ( with Edge.)

Too much swag!


Kenzo FW 15 presents 'Here Now', a movie by Gregg Araki.Kenzo FW 15 presents 'Here Now', a movie by Gregg Araki.

TI is here for narrativity in fashion. And even more so for Kenzo's fab new collar with the iconic Gregg Araki


@micheal.lockley at Red  grows more luxe by the day. via Tom Ford SS16@micheal.lockley at Red grows more luxe by the day. via Tom Ford SS16

I mean who developed this kid to


"Opinions are not numbers. Numbers don't lie.""Opinions are not numbers. Numbers don't lie."

I just finished reading Robert Lacey's wry biography of Eileen Ford. Once you stop to consider what this woman and her husband did, which is to build what we know as the modern modeling industry from scratch, it's as if their lives coalesce into a kind of cultural destiny.

"Model Woman: Eileen Ford and the Business of Beauty", is a must read of a life history that justifies the Vogue Paris, NY Times and Vanity Fair tributes that poured in upon Mrs. Ford passing last year. But the book begs the question of what would an Eileen Ford make of the industry, if she were operating within its limits today. Reality TV reality, social media celebrity, Instagram would her calculating mind reconcile these variables to her business practice.

I was at Le Petit Four on Sunset Plaza circulating the idle hiss about a former Gucci model who had relocated to LA in a smart act of rebranding, when I got immersed in a dialogue about management LA style, ( where such an occupation takes on life and death proportions.) The fashion driven but market conscious manger was updating me that he was swiveling his strategy away from the "blank manques" to the "slashers". For the details of that I go to the i-Phone transcript…

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