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Black Kids Meets Last Years Model. Ha ha!Black Kids Meets Last Years Model. Ha ha!

Ladies and gentlemen, the culture of music blogs has spun a new star. Hailing from Jacksonville Florida (not as you think from the sound, Glasgow in the mid 80's) meet Black Kids . Via blogs like cable and tweed, the gospel has spread across the earth with NME recently converting to the cause. The lead singer has a fantastic curly Afro, a big "My Bloody Valentines" vocal inflection and wicked tastes in graphic design. Which means they'll be massive with imagists. And they're not yet signed to a label! Check em out on myspace while we really get into their flyer design!

CURRENT LISTENING: Magnetic Fields "69 Love Songs"

Magnetic Fields: 69 Love SongsMagnetic Fields: 69 Love Songs

For us, it is one of the greatest albums of modern times. Magnetic Field's "69 Love Songs" featuring the twisted, bitter wit of songwriter Stephin Merritt is in heavy rotation right now, probably for all the wrong reasons. Admittedly 69 bizzare songs stretched over 3 volumes, that hopskotch from style to style with no particular logic might be a bit hard to take in one sitting. Sometimes Merritt's too clever for his own good, but at least he knows it. Released in 1999 it includes the genius track "Underwear". Been waiting for it to rock the right runway. If that song doesn't make you laugh during this miserable, muggy NY Fashion Week, then you've probably been interning at Jil Stuart too long . No music is more 90's NY cool than this glorious mess. I-tune it if you think I lie.

CURRENT LISTENING: Porn Sword Tobacco:New Exclusive Olympic Heights

New. Exclusive. Olympic. Heights. All the words we love!New. Exclusive. Olympic. Heights. All the words we love!

Designers are my DJ. Really they are. Though all roads probably lead back to Michel Gaubert (except the one that leads to Jeremy Healy) a directional runway can really turn you on to some great music. Remember the season that was full of Depeche Mode remixes, most notably the acoustic treatments of Down To The Bone at the FW 06 Calvin Klein show. Then there was last season's Jil Sander show that featured the note perfect use of Balanescu Quartet's string version of Kraftwerk's Computer Love from the Possessed album. Its Raf Simons who gets maximum "taste-points" in the music department for his use of Swedish " group" Porn Sword Tobacco in that same show. Their latest CD is out (well its actually one guy, Henrik Johnson) and though some might dismiss it as wishy washy ambient shite we prefer's invocation of its "frosted glass aesthetics". The cover is very the colours of Oliver Theyskens for Ricci no?


MIA's Boyz: Kingston RulesMIA's Boyz: Kingston Rules

THEY (The NY Times, W, MTV) are mainstreaming her like a mother but The Imagist lives and dies for MIA as the most now, most forward fashion icon around. And we're not going to quit cheerleading till the best artist of this dance music moment cops several major fash mag covers. The more units she moves, the closer we get to the dream. Why do we live ? The shortlist:

*Because she dared to venture deep into downtown Kingston (Jamaica W.I) assembling an army of eighty of the island's best (that is to say -most energetic) dancehall kings, cut them loose and then played spectator in her spectacular video for Boyz.

*And she dragged Carri Mundane of Cassete Playa along for the chi-chi bus ride. Kingston Boyz +Cassette Playa= inspirational styling madness. See the " making of" Boyz video at youtube.

*Because she cuts up her own outfits, her own artwork and graphics and come to think of it...her own sonic productions. Very multi-culti global urban Day-glo DIY .

*Because when in NY she chills in Bed Sty. Do or die MIA!

* Cuz Kala is the album of the year.Join our cult today . Available on itunes right now !

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