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Legends Of New York

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Peter Hujar: Woolworth Building:1976Peter Hujar: Woolworth Building:1976

The Electric Spectre
Wayne Sterling

“I saw a Polaroid of you and that's how I knew you were here,” said the Swan, mouth arching upwards to solicit the most conspicuous kiss of the evening thus far. She parted her lips, wet already in anticipation and grazed her mouth against mine for that split second for it to seem intimate. In a room where every glance, every gesture was semaphore, Swan's kiss was having its desired effect. Because it was not the kiss of ex-lovers. It was not an invitation to love. It was the kiss of benediction. It was kisses dispensed to the chosen few now left behind in the wake of her ascension.

The Swan you see was going to Heaven. She was leaving all of us mortals behind while she was being swept up in the rapture of her rise to Hollywood. She was flying away, never to come back, to her first role in a major studio release, to a 4000 sq foot house on Doheny Drive in the Hollywood Hills , to the breathless dedication of her ICM agents and publicists. The Swan was in the throes of a transformation where she was to change and become an electric spectre shimmering only on film and television screens and computer screens, rarely ever again to be seen in the flesh .


When The Trinity Ruled the Biz: Naomi: Linda: ChristyWhen The Trinity Ruled the Biz: Naomi: Linda: Christy

Christy! Linda! NAOMI! On a night out with Steven himself.

Nights On The Styx

Day for night. Day for night.

"Every time I come back to America I'm infused with pure pure optimism,"


The story of Haring's desperate need to make an art that connected to everyday life and everyday people.The story of Haring's desperate need to make an art that connected to everyday life and everyday people.

Back in New York I woke up jet-lagged and dislocated in the middle of the night.

Where Did This Version Of New York Go?

Taking it to the streets in epic fashionTaking it to the streets in epic fashion

Pop New York. Hot New York. Where Art and Street conjoined for the best sex. New New York. Street New York. A Real New York. The Underground New York. Let's work it out!


Glenn O Brien was a cutie back in the day  non?Glenn O Brien was a cutie back in the day non?

Gosh. With all this strum und drang around Interview and Brant Publications and what not, TI just wants to pop in something from the TV Party series and bask in that Early 80's moment when the underground was underground and Glenn O Brien was young, luscious and unburdened.


Photograph by Patrick McMullan Stephen Sprouse, Steven Meisel, Terri Toye, 1982Photograph by Patrick McMullan Stephen Sprouse, Steven Meisel, Terri Toye, 1982

theimagist has been becoming too much of a formula for me recently so I decided to look for a new challenge in writing. The only thing I can think of that is grueling but rewarding was long form prose. So here's the first excerpt from a burgeoning attempt to "fictionalize" some of my adventures in fashion. The following is an introduction to a seminal figure I met very early on when I first ventured into the business.


Teri Toye PH:Meisel  via vmagazine.comTeri Toye PH:Meisel via

Andre Walker: Work it out. I always wanted to ask you, Teri. You are basically transgender royalty, fashion royalty. When you stopped, who took over? Who do you feel carried the torch?
Teri Toye: Well, I kept the torch.


Quite Butch queen realness in athletic heels , no?Quite Butch queen realness in athletic heels , no?

TI's fascination with NY style mavericks Hood By Air is pretty self-evident. They are like a new chapter in the myth of New York living in the grand tradition of boomboxes and breakdancing, vogue balls and languorous summer days spent on handball courts. I hear the music of New York night clubs when I see their clothes which is practical and flamboyant, sportif and conceptual, plus I love their homemade videos which always has me in stitches. I caught up with Shayen, one of the architects of HBA , where he schooled me to the ways and by-laws of a taste point called Hood By Air.

Is New York "late" right now next to London and Berlin ? Is there hope for NY to snatch the moment back?

No, never that. London has its cocky sensibility. We're realist... or too conservative lol. From a New York point of view, I feel like they have this way of complicating expression, or at least mocking it in a way that comes off as pompous...even late. We are everyday show queens, whereas they're queens that put on a show. Which is pretty cool both ways.NY is coming back though, We always birth the urban renewal.

From HBA I get a feeling of Nike but also of a vogue battle with a little vintage Gaultier...vintage Westwood.... Something Yohji is up in there too. I get many things. Am I wrong?

These are a few things that have been an inspiration, not necessarily reference... I love the sense of active restriction which I feel these inspirations embody.

Where do you all come from?

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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