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The Bold & Beautiful Ezra Petronio

Colette/Domestic: Curated Alpahabet: Ezra PetronioColette/Domestic: Curated Alpahabet: Ezra Petronio

Ezra Petronio has a dream life. He breaks the rules and ends up reinforcing fashion's status quo. He publishes Self-Service as a hardcover magazine. Which is a very genius conceit if you really think about it. He breaks tons of rules in Self-Service. He covers images with huge blocks of type which for the post-Brodovitch school is absolute sacrilege. He has made a book of his fashion celebrity Polaroids (which ironically enough I just mis-typed as PRO-laroids) . The book is titled "Bold and Beautiful". It is printed by 7L, my favorite publishing imprint in the world. You really should buy it for the reference library. Other than that Petronio plays with clients and collaborators like Miu-Miu, Prada, Chloe, Colette in imaging these very selective brands. This ranges from product packaging to websites to advertising and general creative direction. TI worships this ideal. The altar may be found at Petronio's blog : It is so bookmarked right this minute!



Many of my all knowing new art world friends assure me Art In America and Frieze are much better "reads" about the art scene, but being a refugee from FashionWorld (TM) TI is a sucker for production values and packaging. So that makes the new Artforum my magazine reading this weekend. Its a "Best Of 2007" issue, with an added insider overview of "art cities" like NY, LA, London, Berlin, Warsaw and Shanghai. Heaven knows the upcoming January issues of the fash mags are going to be really, really meagre affairs so this Artforum will be good visual food .

Scoop Du Jour: French Playboy Launches

Julie Orden: PH: Greg Kadel: French Playboy: Dec 07Julie Orden: PH: Greg Kadel: French Playboy: Dec 07

It's good to have your antenna up these days. A few posts back TI dug up a 90's Mugler shoot for Playboy. Today we got the hot tip that Playboy France just got a blue chip launch. The first issue featured Juliette Binoche on the cover shot by Karl Lagerfed. Here's a sneak peek of the second cover shoot (December) shot by Greg Kadel featuring actress Julie Orden. The styling was done by the inimitable Natasa Vojnovic. Click on the image then choose the "Original" option for the full Julie O experience. That makes it all the more fetishistic, right?

Tyler Brule Strikes Again

Fashion Edit from The Monocle. Ph:Akio HasewagaFashion Edit from The Monocle. Ph:Akio Hasewaga

You grew up on Wallpaper though you were convinced Tyler Brule was a nom de plume.

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