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Christiane F

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Christiane F lives on as an eternal fashion touchstoneChristiane F lives on as an eternal fashion touchstone

The Hiss Squad can't help but hiss that Christiane F is a serious, serious inspiration for that hyper-directional designer this season.


Christiane F: Directed by Ulrich EdelChristiane F: Directed by Ulrich Edel

Chloe Sevigny once commented that every single outfit the lead actress wore in in this cult German classic was perfection. Which doesn't mean Christiane F's looks were in anyway flamboyant or self-consciously quirky. What is perfect about this chronicle of a nice German girl's descent into the wilds of urban nightclubs, heroin addiction and prostitution is the exquisite lack of self-consciousness on the part of the young lead actress, Natja Brunkhorst. What she wears is super-normal, almost to the point of banal . But Christiane is too tall...with her too long arms and too long legs and so the poportions of what she wears are always off. Too small jackets, dangling vests...sweaters that never cover her wrists. There is a scene where she is running away (all knock knees of course) from the police in a German shopping mall with her new found posse of bad boys and girls. It's just her in a tiny satin baseball jacket, jeans and heels but as her lanky body bolts through the flourescent wasteland of that shopping mall she looks so much like the perfect Marc/Miu-Miu/Balenciaga/Calvin model that you realize where the appeal of the awkward gamine stems from for so many designers. And of course there is the spectre of Bowie hovering over the film making him seem iconic before he was actually an icon. This film is a must buy for every art school kid/fashion fanatic/model scout/emerging photographer. Wonder what ever became of Natja though?

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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