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River Viiperi/Soul : Photographed by Matthew LynRiver Viiperi/Soul : Photographed by Matthew Lyn

How To Be A Really Ridiculously Amazing Male Model.

Matthew Terry/Ford for Calvin Klein underwearMatthew Terry/Ford for Calvin Klein underwear

That September Details cover featuring IMG's Tyson Ballou with fellow babe Emily DiDonato gives it hope. Jason Kanner at Soul has been hash tagging #thereturnofthesupermodel. The House of Calvin Klein has been doing due duty keeping beautiful boys like Matthew Terry and Sean de Wet at Ford in the mass market spotlight. And of course the almighty beauty of Major's Rob Evans has shone oh so brightly on platforms ranging from those blue chip camps to the reality TV stardom benedicted by Miss Banks (with an extra-sexy Madonna video on the side).

But truth be told, while the fashion mags have been doing a sustained sell-through of the ideal of new gen female supermodels, (Joan, Karlie and Cara are stepping up for their candidacy), the beautiful boys of modeling have been a touch lax when it comes to working a moment. True, social media has launched a feeding frenzy of beautiful boy Tumblrs where every freshly shot test of a new male model gets replicated across the net in record time. It provides a whole new spectrum of visibility. But where are the new boys with the 2mil Instagram followers? Do these kids realize how much power resides in that glower? And how many millions of Robert Pattinson-ed out tweens are waiting for something new to love?

Given my daily occupation, I do get a fair amount of email/FB/Twitter messages from young gentlemen asking for feedback on becoming models. Or that strangely innocent question, "Do you think I have what it takes?"

As a community service then, TI is happy to drop some tips on ...How To Be A Really Ridiculously Amazing Male model.


Alex/Mix  by Joseph Lally. Styled by Matthew EllenbergerAlex/Mix by Joseph Lally. Styled by Matthew Ellenberger

Photographer and filmmaker Joseph Lally, challenges the borders of fashion with his Tumblr based publication lallypopmagazine. In this new editorial with Mix's Alex Ciaparra, Lally plays digital gloss against real-life sensuality, polishes up the "instant" with a few well positioned luxury accessories and takes on the lingering taboo against full-frontal nudity in fashion.

Digital is supposed to be the wild field of creative freedom... (I mean have you seen what the kids are up to on Vine?) ... but fashion still needs its red bar against too much reality. But what a very good tone of red Joseph employs. More post-jump.

It's Gauderic Vilmaure's Day

Gauderic Vilmaure/City: Look 1 in the Givenchy SS14Gauderic Vilmaure/City: Look 1 in the Givenchy SS14

Yes that was indeed Mr Vilmaure at Look 1 in the Givenchy SS14 showing freshly concluded in Paris.

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