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SY: Boss: Post makeoverSY: Boss: Post makeover

My friend Florian, recently landed at Boss Models and has been calling earnestly about setting up a tete a tete with David Bosman for MDC. Lots of people have strong opinions about David Bosman but I think he has one of the great creative minds in the modeling industry. For that reason I feel compelled to sit down with him and let him tell the story of his travel through the fashion industry. I'm sure it would make for a very dramatic and glamorous film.

Decadence by Joe Lally: Starring Zac Taylor

All this parisienne extravagance certainly puts you in the mood for some decadence which is where lovely Joe Lally comes in. He lensed this edit exclusively for TI and pulled in a brilliant team of collaborators, plus some fun jewelry to create this very special moment.


Hair TUAN ANH TRAN @ l'atelier



Oraine For John Bartlett by Gregory Vaughn

Oraine by Gregory VaughnOraine by Gregory Vaughn

TI has certain set of fixtures and photographer Gregory Vaughn is becoming one of them. We love these pictures he snapped of Jamaica's finest Oraine .The clean clarity and the consistency of Greg's work is really well developed for someone who only recently took up the camera. These are outtakes from an upcoming John Bartlett spot but we can totally see them becoming posters. I remain a Bartlett fan because through the years he's managed to remain so grounded and unaffected. I love too that this Major Model Mgmt. MVP is rocking it out both editorially (everything from Arena Homme + to ID and Vogue Italia w Meisel) and commercially (his Lord's and Taylor's is everywhere!) . His ease and athletic grace on camera is not a common thing. Which means he'll definitely be a fixture on these pages in the future.


Lovely Joe Lally strikes again, lensing yet another ode to the beauty of the human body exclusively for The Imagist. This series features the always striking Tyler from Major Models . Once again hat's off to Joe for a lovely dose of color and sizzle on these pages. Rock on!

Who's Afraid Of Blue, Green or Yellow?

The gorgeous Chantel Lee has already been snapped up by IMG WorldwideThe gorgeous Chantel Lee has already been snapped up by IMG Worldwide

There are two things I've kept from my Christmas vacation in Jamaica .

Money Boys Motions

Ryan Vigilant: Major Models: PH: Gregory VaughnRyan Vigilant: Major Models: PH: Gregory Vaughn

Now that the Money Girls list is locked and loaded, its time to swing the attention to the money-making men of modeling. Its a topic I'm sure the managers at Ford, Major, Public Image Worldwide, NY Models, Click, Red and Wilhelmina are bound to have a strong opinion about. MDC's Top 50 Men, for resaons of image, has always been very focused on those cutting edge, high fashion clients like the Calvins and Guccis and Pradas. But do the male models built on that platform cross-over to lucrative careers the way the women do?

Ryan Vigalant: Major: PH: Gregory VaughnRyan Vigalant: Major: PH: Gregory Vaughn

It is certainly a very different playing field than with the women, as there are no big VS contracts or big pay day cosmetics deals to weigh. There are however, the fragrances and Ralph and Hugo and...I wonder how much a long-running underwear spot compensates the wearer of the underwear these days. That makes boys like Major's Ryan Vigalant worth their weight in booking gold. Ryan has been growing his hair out and positioning himself for that very money-market we'll spend all next week weighing. Here's Ryan looking as Jason Kanner, his manager describes, "fresh, manly and on!". Love the buzzwords Jason.


Chad White: Major Models: Newly BlondeChad White: Major Models: Newly Blonde

You've seen it here first (well second after the kids at V mag). Straight from Mr. White's cameraphone a quick snap of the Chad's new hair color. Truly super-star, very boy Linda, no?

Jeremy Santucci Is Major!

Jeremy Santucci :Major: PH: Greg VaughnJeremy Santucci :Major: PH: Greg Vaughn

Just staggered off the plane from JA, sped home to sift through today's submissions. The highlight? Defintely the auadicious snaps of Major's Jeremy Santucci.

Jeremy Santucci :Major: PH: Greg VaughnJeremy Santucci :Major: PH: Greg Vaughn

Jeremy Santucci :Major: PH: Greg VaughnJeremy Santucci :Major: PH: Greg Vaughn

If ever TI's called upon to cast a "noble young Roman " type, Jeremy's first on the list. There's nude snap too but we're getting Jason Kanner's OK on that first! Hands up for the kids who want a peek?

JUST ADDED: Mr Kanner has given us permission to push the envelope. Tastefully!

Wendell Lismore Is Ready For His Close-Up

Wendell Lissmore: Red Models:Classic Pose: Unique FeaturesWendell Lissmore: Red Models:Classic Pose: Unique Features

I love Dave and George at Red Models. Such fanatics those two. Whether scouting or booking, cajoling clients or snapping digitals, these guys commit with such a passion to their models, you realize why fashion needs new blood. New blood is not jaded and it never sleeps.Right now Red is polishing up their better boys for the FW 08 men's shows in Milan and Paris. Today's eye candy alert sounds for New York's finest Wendell Lissmore. How great is that boxer's nose of his?

Wendell Lismore: Looking ad ready:Courtesy Red Models NYCWendell Lismore: Looking ad ready:Courtesy Red Models NYC


Major New Beauty: Shane gets the morning started right PH:GREGORY VAUGHNMajor New Beauty: Shane gets the morning started right. PH: GREGORY VAUGHN

Packing to get on the plane back to NY but one hour into the Manhattan business day, already picked up these signals...Mr Kanner at Major Models kicks the day off right with these new snaps of another star :Shane Sather. How expressive is this kid's beauty....A certain highly touted new beauty was spotted in LA recently making TI suspect she may have just nabbed a magnificent blue chip cover moment...Brazilian newspapers and magazines are flooding the MDC offices with requests for interviews on the occasion of Raquel Z hitting No 1 on the Editorial Girls ranking...Speaking of Miss Z which other leading campaign queen is about to get a full-on Only Girl 40 page well in that other blue chip fashion bible? And word is Mert n Marcus have been offered a whopping, stunning, jawdropping contract to be exclusive to a certain major magazine publishing entity.So there IS money in them thar hills afterall. And while in LA this weekend, TI caught up with nightlife impresario Micheal Sutton on the subject of his new endeavor Goa, which opened this weekend. Does LA have a new starlet-studded hotspot? Stay tuned!

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