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Scoop du Jour: An opening at Hermes and an earful of "on-dits"

Lovers of high quality will be very pleased. The short-list stops there.Lovers of high quality will be very pleased. The short-list stops there.

If the French didn't invent gossip, they sure mastered the art form somewhere between the hallways of Versailles (just ask much maligned Marie Antoinette) or the pages of Proust.


Voldemort would have been proud of all the cloak and dagger carryings-on.Voldemort would have been proud of all the cloak and dagger carryings-on.

The world of modeling...reality TV gravitates compulsively towards it, but really, this milieu is the stuff that made 80's nighttime soap operas so sensational.


Spectacle begets spectacle.Spectacle begets spectacle.

"Hiss, hiss, " went the email in TI's inbox, echoing a tossed off slang made up 6 years ago to parody the way fashion kids whisper among each other.

10's Across The Board!

Kinga Rajzak:IMG Models: PH:Jem Mitchell: 10 MagazineKinga Rajzak:IMG Models: PH:Jem Mitchell: 10 Magazine

Its 85 degrees at 11 o clock at night in good old Jamaica and its very bizarre to be still receiving fashion transmissions from NY. That just goes to prove that the fashion beast never sleeps..The latest bytes...10 magazine out of London being given a radical makeover from design sensibility to incoming roster of photographers. Seems the publishers are hell bent to boosting their status to match that of Pop, V, Purple and Self-Service. Wonder which blue chip photographers will take the bait? And mere mortals may be lolling around on tropical beaches but the war for scooping the next round of star models is already afoot among all-star casting directors like Russell and Maida . Mother agencies around the world, prepare for battle. And speaking of all-stars, January's Vogue Italia cover-girl is very much that . Now what clues can we drop? 1. It will be a debut cover for the girl in question 2. It will be brilliant timing for what should be a major January for her 3.She is not Canadian. Or Russian. And we should stop there. More tommorow!


Major New Beauty: Shane gets the morning started right PH:GREGORY VAUGHNMajor New Beauty: Shane gets the morning started right. PH: GREGORY VAUGHN

Packing to get on the plane back to NY but one hour into the Manhattan business day, already picked up these signals...Mr Kanner at Major Models kicks the day off right with these new snaps of another star :Shane Sather. How expressive is this kid's beauty....A certain highly touted new beauty was spotted in LA recently making TI suspect she may have just nabbed a magnificent blue chip cover moment...Brazilian newspapers and magazines are flooding the MDC offices with requests for interviews on the occasion of Raquel Z hitting No 1 on the Editorial Girls ranking...Speaking of Miss Z which other leading campaign queen is about to get a full-on Only Girl 40 page well in that other blue chip fashion bible? And word is Mert n Marcus have been offered a whopping, stunning, jawdropping contract to be exclusive to a certain major magazine publishing entity.So there IS money in them thar hills afterall. And while in LA this weekend, TI caught up with nightlife impresario Micheal Sutton on the subject of his new endeavor Goa, which opened this weekend. Does LA have a new starlet-studded hotspot? Stay tuned!

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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