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Hotel Raphael: Can you spot the Turner ?Hotel Raphael: Can you spot the Turner ?

Hotel Raphael on Avenue Klebler in Paris will be the official TI/Hiss Squad HQ for this season's shows precisely because it is located between the Grand Palais and Palais de Tokyo. But here are the 10 other reason's why we love it so.


Stockholm's Nordic Light Hotel syncs its design aesthetic with its music valuesStockholm's Nordic Light Hotel syncs its design aesthetic with its music values

Hotels that peddle electronic/dance music compliations to further the brand....the very definition of dodgy, no? May we offer a rare exception? Stockholm's Nordic Light Hotel is currently pushing a sampler by The Field titled "Sound Of Light: Nordic Light Hotel". TI had a suspicious eyebrow raised way high until we heard the loop crazy, 15 minute long "Morning" track. Not your typical 4/4 house beat banality and very good for the numbing flourescent modernity of airports, airplanes, automobiles, freeways and hotel rooms which is the story of our life , right this minute. P.S Nordic Light Hotel is a fantastic jump off point for exploring Stockholm's design culture. Consider it the red hot center of the next Stockholm Furniture Fair.


The Defining Guide To The Coolest Hotels and Resorts WorldwideThe Defining Guide To The Coolest Hotels and Resorts Worldwide

From Paris to LA to Miami, has saved TI's life several times in the past three months.,, and the likes are all very efficent and useful when searching for that last minute hotel deal. But do they understand the question of taste? Do they talk to an audience that is emotional about the design quality and the service level of the rooms in which they sleep? Tablet hotel does.It is a beautifully designed, carefully filtered booking destination for hotels worldwide and the site feels like you're having a conversation with a well educated friend who never steers you to the wrong hotel. And you know what seduced us to tablet? When searching for Paris hotels they omitted Hotel Costes. Major points for that!

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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