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Club Kids

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Teri Toye with her very own Greer Lankton dollTeri Toye with her very own Greer Lankton doll

Teri Toye was born a boy but found being a boy a bore
So Teri Toye had second thoughts and dashed quickly for the door
It was the door of a very good doctor, a genius at the switch
The snip was done, the past was shunned, the boy became the bitch
Her ice cold beauty a weapon, her whip the dead blond hair
And when Teri surfaced at club Area, suddenly she's “Girl Of The Year”
Since it was the Hi-80's the unwritten rules were bent
Such was Teri's chic even the mainstream did relent
From the Boy Bar clique of Meisel to the rising Stephen Sprouse
Teri runway walked her way up to Chanel. Yes, the venerable house
Now comes a downpour of adoration, now comes thundering applause
Teri is now not just ironic, the joke has become a cause
And this where our ballad now takes a sad and tragic turn
It is always sad to watch an icon, as quickly crash and burn
The clique it turned its back, the princess is expelled
Ariane became the new toy before Teri's moment gelled
But her hard jawed ghost still hovers in those neon NY nights
I've heard that certain agents have Teri Toye dreams in sight
So if you're tall and lanky and swing a dead blond bob
The editorial kids are waiting to hand you that blue chip job.
True story!

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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