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Hannah Marshall: One of Young London's Most Wanted! Image via pipeline.refinery29.comHannah Marshall: One of Young London's Most Wanted! Image via

So George Harvey, this lovely young English photographer who interned two years ago at MDC emails me this morning to give a fast update on all that's crackling in London right this minute. I met George through Tafari Hinds, the very very charismatic Jamaican model turned major London scenester who's now starting to live up to a family tradition by branching into music (His Dad's the immortal Horace Andy) . And that's what I adore about this trade. It just yields the best network of information. More details after the jump.


The Black Ghosts:Anyway You Choose To Give It EPThe Black Ghosts:Anyway You Choose To Give It EP

You've been hearing their giant hit "Face" in every DJ mix all year now but the really, really brilliant thing about London's
The Black Ghosts is the dexterity and range displayed on their recent singles. Loving "Anyway You Choose To Give It", "Some Way Through This" and "I Want Nothing". One minute The Black Ghosts are giving you an icy, shimmering blast of dance perfection (that makes you want to leave the house wearing something...silver) the next it's pure sweet melody ("Something New") and then its on to pure 60's pop reflitered for a digital generation (Full Moon). They're genius!


White Cube ExteriorWhite Cube Exterior

TI's enterprising art correspondent popped over to London to scan the Ellen Altfest's White Cube opening in London. Here are his flashes of what clearly was a triumphant night for Ms Atltfest.

Marian Kappos and the artist, Ellen AltfestMarian Kappos and the artist, Ellen Altfest

The crowd outside The Ellen Altfest openingThe crowd outside The Ellen Altfest opening

Writer Johnathan Walpole and a friendWriter Johnathan Walpole and a friend

Leading In London: Miss Alice Dellal

Alice Delall/Select: Ph. Mario Testino for Vogue Paris Sept.07Alice Delall/Select: Ph. Mario Testino for Vogue Paris Sept.07

The London kids have been descending on NY in droves , vibrating with energy and excitement and hungry to eat this city alive! They're telling all about what's fun in London right now. On the list:

1. Do a dinner at Mahiki in Mayfair, though you think it would have gone dead by now. But that's London for you. A Tiki spot that still keeps pulling in Prince Willie and Kate Middleton, Kanye West (who's a prince willie in his own right), Madonna and Giles Deacon. No guest list, no attitude no drama. Sounds like a vacation after the guest lists, attitude and drama of NY Fashion Week parties!

2. Stick to Shoreditch. It too, is still carrying on. Boombox still booms, Bistroteque will be mad. Loyalty's a gorgeous thing!

3. Set up an interview with Alice Dellal (she of that Casaraghi clique) now over at Select and Testino's new muse as seen in the current issue of Paris Vogue. Well we always love girls who shave the left side of their heads.

4. Expect big things from Henry Hollland! Awesome Aygness Deyn tips us off that Holland's SS08 LFW collection is going to be proper, full on and may-jah! "I'm really proud of him. It looks amazing!" hypes Agyness. Sold!


MIA's Boyz: Kingston RulesMIA's Boyz: Kingston Rules

THEY (The NY Times, W, MTV) are mainstreaming her like a mother but The Imagist lives and dies for MIA as the most now, most forward fashion icon around. And we're not going to quit cheerleading till the best artist of this dance music moment cops several major fash mag covers. The more units she moves, the closer we get to the dream. Why do we live ? The shortlist:

*Because she dared to venture deep into downtown Kingston (Jamaica W.I) assembling an army of eighty of the island's best (that is to say -most energetic) dancehall kings, cut them loose and then played spectator in her spectacular video for Boyz.

*And she dragged Carri Mundane of Cassete Playa along for the chi-chi bus ride. Kingston Boyz +Cassette Playa= inspirational styling madness. See the " making of" Boyz video at youtube.

*Because she cuts up her own outfits, her own artwork and graphics and come to think of it...her own sonic productions. Very multi-culti global urban Day-glo DIY .

*Because when in NY she chills in Bed Sty. Do or die MIA!

* Cuz Kala is the album of the year.Join our cult today . Available on itunes right now !

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