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Vivienne Westwood

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PH:Robi Rodriguez Realization de Christina CasiniPH:Robi Rodriguez Realization de Christina Casini

The deeper TI sinks into Double 22, the more mesmerized I am by its way of managing a contemporary idea of fashion.

Hailing The Tafari!

Tafari to the fore!Tafari to the fore!

TI family, if you missed the live Showstudio performance by lovely Tafari Hinds yesterday

Reference Library:The Buffalo Soldiers: Pt 2: Ray Petri

Image from The Face styled by Ray PetriImage from The Face styled by Ray Petri

We took an earlier look at the work of ex-Buffalo member, Judy Blame. Now Max , one of our fashion correspondents weighs in wonderfully on the legacy of Buffalo's founder, Ray Petri.

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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