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Russell Marsh


Marya at Silent is the kind of unique girl that you hope will present a new proposition for SS11Marya at Silent is the kind of unique girl that you hope will present a new proposition for SS11

I had a conversation with a client this morning about a potential fashion show casting gig. To be honest I went into the conversation prepared to say "Unfortunately I can't take this assignment".


TI's been trying to keep his diplomatic lips sealed all day but the stream of texts from Milan re: the unexpected goings on at Prada ...


Auguste at Women is the kind of who girl signals "Blue Chip First Pick"Auguste at Women is the kind of girl who signals "Blue Chip First Pick"

Mother agencies of the world unite and take over! This is not a call to arms

The Girls Who Matter Now!

Kamila F/IMG: A girl most wanted in her too gorgeous polaroidKamila F/IMG: A girl most wanted in her too gorgeous polaroid

This Week In Hiss.

Kate Moss: Naomi Campbell: IMG: Vogue Paris Feb 08: via thefashionspot.comKate Moss: Naomi Campbell: IMG: Vogue Paris Feb 08: via

10's Across The Board!

Kinga Rajzak:IMG Models: PH:Jem Mitchell: 10 MagazineKinga Rajzak:IMG Models: PH:Jem Mitchell: 10 Magazine

Its 85 degrees at 11 o clock at night in good old Jamaica and its very bizarre to be still receiving fashion transmissions from NY. That just goes to prove that the fashion beast never sleeps..The latest bytes...10 magazine out of London being given a radical makeover from design sensibility to incoming roster of photographers. Seems the publishers are hell bent to boosting their status to match that of Pop, V, Purple and Self-Service. Wonder which blue chip photographers will take the bait? And mere mortals may be lolling around on tropical beaches but the war for scooping the next round of star models is already afoot among all-star casting directors like Russell and Maida . Mother agencies around the world, prepare for battle. And speaking of all-stars, January's Vogue Italia cover-girl is very much that . Now what clues can we drop? 1. It will be a debut cover for the girl in question 2. It will be brilliant timing for what should be a major January for her 3.She is not Canadian. Or Russian. And we should stop there. More tommorow!

Modelspotting, Art Barons and The Face Of The Zeroes

Gemma Ward : In the Days When She Walked ShowsGemma Ward : In the Days When She Walked Shows

At Haru while having lunch with the nicest model manager you could imagine, the following happened. As usual, the talk had turned to agency gossip. Not malicious, or particularly competitive but just...idle. " Yeah and Gemma Ward's been looking particularly happy these days". he said in a fairly loud voice, "Cause as we all know she's not always the happiest camper" I sat facing the door, so I could see, literally as he spoke the approaching figure of...Gemma Ward, in these little denim hot pants and a totally non-descript tank top with that model staple, an army coat thrown over it. She looked great, tall and slimmer than the last time we glimpsed her with long tousled blonde hair, looking very much like a beautiful teenaged tourist. She was with her IMG agent. I completely blanched and my lunch companion followed my eyeline to its conclusion. At that point we burst out laughing.If this were a scene in a movie, the audience would go..."Yeah Right!" Poor Gemma probably felt over scrutinized at this point and whether under the weight of our gaze or by pure chance, Maja and Gemma soon elected to take an outside table. I waved hello as they went by and left it at that.


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week S/S 08Mercedes Benz Fashion Week S/S 08

While trawling the agencies all week (its not as seedy as it sounds) to scan the scene, TI picked up on a strange frequency. Apart from a faint enthusiasm as to what referential/vintage road Marc might go down next, there is not, in general, a sense of excitement at the modeling agencies regarding the upcoming shows. Of course there is the customary dread as to the 17 non-stop days of booking between now and the end of the NY shows. There is the bracing for the daily abuse that is sure to come from stressed out, harried casting directors screaming “What do you mean Calvin has her exclusive? How about if I don't book a single one of your models then?” And then there are the endless after-parties that one is obliged to trot your prize girls around as if NY had become one massive pony show. So make that 17 non-stop 17 hour days. And the windfall from all that? Obscure designers who pay in trade, offering unwanted clothes to the models in lieu of cash. An off-skelter schedule toe-jammed with shows which means major conflicts every day. Clients switching around casting directors with reckless abandon. Casting directors taking shows that pay a grand total of $4,000. And the compensation to the models is still “trade” which means said casting director is expected to solicit top girls for next to nothing while being paid next to nothing. It is not as glamorous a living as you'd hope to think.

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