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MIA "Born Free" montage via blog.zap2it.comMIA "Born Free" montage via

For all the scandal on this video ( and it has understandably upset a lot of people ) I respect MIA because she uses her mass market popularity to challenge borders as a highly political artist . That Suicide sample is mega-inspired too.


MIA :Marc by Marc SS08 : from frillr.comMIA :Marc by Marc SS08 : from

I love DJ-ing in Jamaica. I think DJ-ing was invented here (lol). The placed is drenched in beats and bass at every turn. I was at a party tonight and got in trouble for playing Peaches " I U She". If you know the sentiment to that song you would know it was a direct provocation . That said cruised through for my daily digest of all the SS08 ads that are dropping now in all the glossies. To my delight I bumped into MIA posing for Marc by Marc . Yay Marc! He made us happy by venerating the goddess. MIA was the very first post in TI back in August, and in that upload we prayed for the sight of our London lady laying down some ruling imagery as a latter day fashion icon. Dreams do come true! So with MIA in the middle, here's TI's playlist of 10 tracks we loved during 2007, in the sequence we would play them at a party.

Calvin Harris: Acceptable In the 80's: I Created Disco
Bright, brittle plastic dance pop always gets the party started right

In Flagranti:G***** Blue Room: Wronger Than Anyone Else
Very rail thin, drop dead, deadpan nightclubbing gla-mour

Black Ghosts: Face:Afterhours Ibizia
This song's been around a bit but it makes me just want to slip into a Lanvin tux and go!

Black Devil Disco Club:Coach Me:28 After
Very sinister, super-creepy. Totally Pre-Guliani Times Square strip joint

Van Sudenfed:The Rhinohead:Tromatic Reflexxions
I can't listen to the latter half of this LP now but the Rhinohead still gets it done...and that Fledermaus video on youtube! Hilarious and iconic!

CURRENT LISTENING: The Cool Kids (Black Mags) VS Steed Lord (Dirty Mutha)

The Cool Kid's Mickey Rock chills with Steed Lord's AC Bananas: Jeremy Scott WISHES!The Cool Kid's Mickey Rock chills with Steed Lord's AC Bananas: Jeremy Scott WISHES!

I played DJ at a house party last night (for a verrrry VIP circle of...uhmm..4 people). Beverly Hills will never be the same. I pressed my I-pod Touch just in time as Chicago's finest, The Cool Kids' hot track "Black Mag" started to fade and then I kicked up Iceland's coolest,the Steed Lord's "Dirty Mutha". The house went wild. They say I have a new career waiting for me at LA parties. But on the serious The Cool Kids retro-hip-hop is genius, but I love them even more for Mickey Rock's taste in gear. He's the best styled boy in hip-hop right this second. And as for Steed Lord. You have to love Icelandic thug appeal. Stop laughing! The tracks do get it done on the dancefloor! They're all friends . How many flights are there between Rejvavik and Chicago btw?

PS Cool Kids are opening act for the MIA on her US tour trek. Her tastes are gospel for us!


MIA's Boyz: Kingston RulesMIA's Boyz: Kingston Rules

THEY (The NY Times, W, MTV) are mainstreaming her like a mother but The Imagist lives and dies for MIA as the most now, most forward fashion icon around. And we're not going to quit cheerleading till the best artist of this dance music moment cops several major fash mag covers. The more units she moves, the closer we get to the dream. Why do we live ? The shortlist:

*Because she dared to venture deep into downtown Kingston (Jamaica W.I) assembling an army of eighty of the island's best (that is to say -most energetic) dancehall kings, cut them loose and then played spectator in her spectacular video for Boyz.

*And she dragged Carri Mundane of Cassete Playa along for the chi-chi bus ride. Kingston Boyz +Cassette Playa= inspirational styling madness. See the " making of" Boyz video at youtube.

*Because she cuts up her own outfits, her own artwork and graphics and come to think of it...her own sonic productions. Very multi-culti global urban Day-glo DIY .

*Because when in NY she chills in Bed Sty. Do or die MIA!

* Cuz Kala is the album of the year.Join our cult today . Available on itunes right now !

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