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Dominican Model Rose Cordero

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Rose Cordero: March 2010 Vogue Paris cover.Rose Cordero: March 2010 Vogue Paris cover.

"I think that part of that mythology forged at Yves Saint Laurent by astounding models like Katoucha has been missing from the fashion archives in years. Rose to my eye is a brilliant opportunity to refresh that imagery.. that feeling that is Parisienne couture ...that is extreme elegance... "

TI: Thu Jan 15th , 2009

"TI really needs to stop hyping these girls up so much. It wasn't long ago that he put "La Rosa Negra" on this pedestal, and dubbed her the Next big thing, close to Iconic and so on and so forth. Where is she now, although she has done ok, her career has not been as BIG as TI made it out to seem."

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, Nov 12th 2009

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