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When Supermodels Ruled The Earth: Cindy Crawford As IconWhen Supermodels Ruled The Earth: Cindy Crawford As Icon

Who invented the supermodel? Was it Gianni Versace when he started to employ the top editorial stars of the day in his runway shows? Was it Steven Meisel when he started to bulk-book The Trinity (Christy, Linda, Omi) month after month for every gig in sight? Maybe it was Gerald Marie and John Casablancas when they started to package the right girls dressed in the right clothes, staying at the right hotel at premium rates to the clients. Or was it the girls who took these opportunities as presented by Gianni and Steven and Gerald and ran like thieves with it all the way into history ( with stops off at The Fashion Cafe, The George Michael "Freedom" video and an aerobic video here or there).


This weekend I read Ingrid Sischy's Vanity Fair profile on Calvin Klein's post Calvin Klein Inc. existence. It constitutes buying and decorating multiple houses and it is indeed an enviable life. There is a section in the article that gets into a bit of heavy lifting in arguing Calvin Klein's validity as a landmark American designer. It got me thinking...what is it exactly about Calvin Klein that stays on our minds? After all these years, the power of his imaging still haunts American fashion like the echo of a music that once kept the party going.

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