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Chris Burden

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Chris Burden: Big Pointy # 1: 2006Chris Burden: Big Pointy # 1: 2006

There is something to be said about viewing a show that highlights some of the most iconic pieces in contemporary art history. This show includes work by Richard Avedon, Richard Prince, Douglas Gordon and my emotional favorite, Chris Burden. Oh that infamous bullet!


Chris Burden : Locus and Publishing CoChris Burden : Locus and Publishing Co

Chris Burden's dedication to the ideal of the extreme has made a myth of the man. From his graduate piece in his Master Of Fine Arts program at UC Irvine where he locked himself in a school locker for five days, to his decision in November 1971 to make a piece called "Shoot", in which a friend fired a gun fifteen feet away from him to create a "wound" as art piece, Burden has certainly pushed art's self-definition to its edge. Almost self-destructively so. But it is the April 23 1974 performance, in Venice California when Burden had himself cruxified to a Volkswagen and then driven for probably a good 30 seconds on a speedway, that his place was secured in the annals of art infamy. It was supposed to be the kind of anti-art, not made for consumption or for that matter- for posterity - but here it is, one of the greatest images in contemporary art history and the cover moment of the must-buy overview of Burden's work. Currently available via D.A.P. By Locus and Publishing Co. $85.00.

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