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Kristen McMenamy

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Shimmer Like You Love Fashion !

Giving it like it should be given: Kate At Mine London 2006: Mario Testino Giving It Like It Should Be Given: Kate At Mine London 2006: Mario Testino

" Perhaps perfection is not what attracts us to others. I have always admired Kate because she goes against the grain and everyone loves her for it. When I was growing up ,a woman sitting with her legs spread and holding a cigarette was immediately labeled "easy". I am always trying to fight against these stigmas, which, at the time, were the result of dogmatic Christian thinking. At the end of the day I like the idea of a woman being like a man: strong, self-assured, equal.'

Mario Testino in his Obsessed by You" Philips de Pury and Company exhibit

The Legend of Kristen McMenamy

Kristen McMenamy: Photo: Vanity Fair 90'sKristen McMenamy: Photo: Vanity Fair 90's

In Paris this season when Kristen McMenamy came bounding out at the Givenchy SS08 with her signature madwoman-on-the go walk, one newbie was heard to exclaim, "Who's that old lady". Oh if only she knew. That old lady is a living legend, not only for the face, walk or poses but because of the entertainment she brought to the trade. Kristen has morphed from glamazon to androgyne to Career Woman back to glamazon into her Grand Dame incarnation this October. Here are our Top 10 Legendary Kristen Moments. She's so Marquess ( By way of Philadelphia)!

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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