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NY Models

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Fashion Blips and Bytes

The Inimitable Rinko KikuchiThe Inimitable Rinko Kikuchi

The April issue of of iD features my very favorite actress in the world, the one and only Rinko Kikuchi. I think Rinko is beyond genius. I love her sullen pout, her fast shifting haircuts, her alliance with Chanel. I think she is the kind of global/cross-cultural super-star that mainstream media sleeps on. Expect to see many a post on Rinko at TI because this crush is serious! Rinko is on the cover of the "Gender" issue of iD. Very 90's that do a "Gender" issue but it's interesting that the ten year cycle of errant androgyny is here again. Love the i-Date feature on iD's Myspace page that has a questionnaire with options ranging from Male/Female, Straight/Gay, Bi/Boy, Girl/ Man, Woman/Trannie, She-he/He-She, Mother/Other. TI is not mad at the polymorphous nature of that and plans to feed into it ferociously. I also am in deep love with's flash video feature that allows you to speed-read through their entire issue. Check it out right now. It's just like being at the newstand!

Paris In The Rear View Mirror

On The Road Again: back to NY and all its ruthless modernityOn The Road Again: back to NY and all its ruthless modernity

Seconds after touching down in NY I realized that it would be very dangerous to live permanently in Paris. I would turn into an alcoholic spendthrift, an overdressed dandy and a relentless nightcrawler! Maybe it was the wealth (pun intended) of all those big money status labels. Perhaps it was because the collision of all those international degenerates looking to blow off steam after a month of trudging through the trenches of NY and Milan . Whatever the case, Paris partied like there was no tomorrow this past fashion week and our Hiss Squad had 5 banging bashes to choose from for the title of "Best Paris Fashion Week Party"

Money Boys Motions

Ryan Vigilant: Major Models: PH: Gregory VaughnRyan Vigilant: Major Models: PH: Gregory Vaughn

Now that the Money Girls list is locked and loaded, its time to swing the attention to the money-making men of modeling. Its a topic I'm sure the managers at Ford, Major, Public Image Worldwide, NY Models, Click, Red and Wilhelmina are bound to have a strong opinion about. MDC's Top 50 Men, for resaons of image, has always been very focused on those cutting edge, high fashion clients like the Calvins and Guccis and Pradas. But do the male models built on that platform cross-over to lucrative careers the way the women do?

Ryan Vigalant: Major: PH: Gregory VaughnRyan Vigalant: Major: PH: Gregory Vaughn

It is certainly a very different playing field than with the women, as there are no big VS contracts or big pay day cosmetics deals to weigh. There are however, the fragrances and Ralph and Hugo and...I wonder how much a long-running underwear spot compensates the wearer of the underwear these days. That makes boys like Major's Ryan Vigalant worth their weight in booking gold. Ryan has been growing his hair out and positioning himself for that very money-market we'll spend all next week weighing. Here's Ryan looking as Jason Kanner, his manager describes, "fresh, manly and on!". Love the buzzwords Jason.

The Image That Sells

Are you buying it? Kinee/NY Models as the apotheosis of chic. Marcus Hill/Major as the embodiment know.Are you buying it? Kinee/NY Models as the apotheosis of chic. Marcus Hill/Major as the embodiment know.

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