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Chris Forberg

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Men's Market Mayhem : Hype, Longevity and The Future of Men's Agency Management

Can Baptiste Giabiconi ride that privileged Karl Lagerfeld platform all the way to icon-hoodCan Baptiste Giabiconi ride that privileged Karl Lagerfeld platform all the way to icon-hood

"The lifeblood of any model, male or female is the customer coming back. We can be the best possible agent and make that opportunity of the booking... that one time. We can get you in to see that customer who ordinarily would not have requested you...that one time. But the only one who can make that into a repeat booking is you when you get on set"

Sean Patterson , President of Wilhelmina Management.

Things unsaid. Things unread. The True IMG Men's story.

Clement: IMG's Men (soon to be P.I.W)Clement: IMG's Men (soon to be P.I.W)

In college they warned us that information was going to be THE hot currency of the 21st century. The man with the most information wins, was the thought... So here I sit at my desk awaiting a massive scoop for MDC. I'm staring, right this second at a breaking press release from the PR firm Onorato and Wixom regarding the purchase of the IMG Men's division by a group of private investors, in order to forge a new company as a partnership between former-CAA powerhouse Kevin Iwashina and the venerable (ex)IMG head Chris Forberg. I met earlier today with Chris and Kevin Apana and it is all system's go on the new property, Public Image Worldwide. I'm awaiting a phone call at 4.00pm from Mr Iwashina for a quick Q+A to go with the Of The Minute piece which we're drafting right now. We hope to be the first to break the details of this new partnership and we have to say, we're happy for all involved.TI can't wait to see the twin engines of this new shop fired up between NY+LA. The smart money says, book a first class ticket on this relationship now. Stay tuned!

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