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Vogue Paris is not an uncertain magazineVogue Paris is not an uncertain magazine

"As much as I love your blog, it does make me nervous that you and others are exposing the "secrets". Fashion is fashion when the mass public can't see the workings"
Anonymous post on TI


Noemie Lenoir: Mario Testino: Vogue Paris June/July 08Noemie Lenoir: Mario Testino: Vogue Paris June/July 08

Yup , The Hiss Squad was on it. Noemie Lenoir...cover of French Vogue freshly uploaded first at MDC ... And indeed it is for that "au charme francais" special. Avec Laetitia Casta. Did you know Noemie is a hugely popular in France due to her frequent film appearances? TI lives for.


Guinevere:IMG: PH: Paolo RoversiGuinevere:IMG: PH: Paolo Roversi

The in crowd is flocking to Pace MacGill tonight for the Roversi/Guinevere opening. Here's a byte of background info:

Changing Faces

Natalia has the face that makes sellsNatalia has the face that makes sells

OK off to the Oak showroom to pick up a pile of Hood By Air I just ordered...all the better to play with on new girls for the constant round of shoots I edit with Spur, MDC and TI . We think Natalia from Women (who opened the last Prada) would look brilliant in that twisted gear.


Editorial AND Sexy! PH Sorrenti for V53 via thefashionspotEditorial AND Sexy! PH Sorrenti for V53 via thefashionspot

I have to say, nobody in the modeling industry of New York behaved in a predictable way last week. Or have they? From the blood bath (or bloodletting depending on how you care to look at it) at DNA and Women to the delightfully un-corporate IMG agency image in the new V magazine, nothing is quite the way it was . But that's good for fashion and the modeling industry, because despite its efforts that business remains bound by fashion's tendency to change...abruptly, randomly with maximum cruelty . A hundred question abound in the wake of this shift... What does this mean for the girls? What does this mean for clients ? For mother agencies?
Well the more things change... the more you change with them. There was a meeting this morning at MDC and the big decision was to get the POV of all the parties in involve and post a full-on piece of journalistic writing as to the powerful implications of that shift. Tomorrow I pop over for the first time since the shift to the Women/Supreme offices and it will be interesting to observe this new power-pairing of Rowland+ Chabon .

Wild Style Cat

Catherine McNeil for German Vogue: PH: Testino via thefashionspotCatherine McNeil for German Vogue: PH: Testino via thefashionspot

Speaking of all that 80's Fioruccissima...proper props to Beat Bolliger and Linda Cantello for turning up the volume on Miss Cat for that all Testino German Vogue.


Alison Nix: Women: PH:  Michael SchwartzAlison Nix: Women: PH: Michael Schwartz

Something beautiful and sultry coils around Alison in this snap by Mike. This weekend I drag a whole pile of Hood By Air gear to the country for a shoot with Schwartz . He's so persuasive, which is a great trait in a photographer.


Catherine McNeil: Next Models: PH: Emma Summerton: British Vogue June 08Catherine McNeil: Next Models: PH: Emma Summerton: British Vogue June 08

Emma Summerton. Get into that name. In an editorial landscape suffering from a lack of new energy and new forces Ms Summerton is racking up the magazine credits at fast and furious pace. Tastemaker Kate (Moss) is into it. ID magazine is into it. British Vogue, via this image that I just uploaded onto MDC is very into it. Katja, KT and now Emma. I think the name-droppers of the trade are going to have to add some new buzz-names to their call-list!

Oh Almighty Agyness

Agyness Deyn mannequin by RootsteinAgyness Deyn mannequin by Rootstein

May Day! Big bash to celebrate the launch of the new Agyness mannequin (gorsh that was quick) on May 20th. Its going to be thing. Save the date!


Irina: One Mgmt: Photographed by Juan AlgarinIrina: One Mgmt: Photographed by Juan Algarin

My phone just rang. A voice said "Wayne Sterling. This is your past" I thought. "Oh Lord. I'm about to be arrested". It was photographer Juan Algarin on the line. Juan and I used to play together on shoots about 8 years ago when I fancied myself a stylist. We reminisced about how crazy we were in those days...absolutely fearless...absolutely free...hanging Paul Rowland's niece upside down above Theresa Lourenco at Pier 59. Shooting Kwame in Helmut Lang biker trousers with the fly open. Shooting Aaliyah for a cover portrait ..with her eyes closed. Well Juan and I are going to catch up on Weds to plot working together again and I'm very excited. He sent me these snaps of Irina from 1 literally 5 mins ago. I uploaded them right that instant.

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