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CAMPAIGNORAMA : It's 1998 All Over Again.

Claudia Schiffer rides again! Just ask VFClaudia Schiffer rides again!Just ask VF

Question. If as hiss has it, Claudia is Chanel FW 08 and Naomi YSL with Kate set to log her inevitable 4-pack of camps, where does that leave today's mob of bright eyed newcomers? The magazines are awash with Top Newcomers edits. V must do one. German Vogue has one pending and the new incarnation of Interview under Karl Templer's stewardship kicks off with a visual ode to today's Top New Stars but these girls will not be populating the blue chip campaigns this season from the look of things.
This is not a new story. Clients are clear where they stand on this issue. In the rare cases that they cast from the current ranks of models, they still contract those girls with a track record. Think for instance about that certain haute editorial blonde who dropped out from the scene a few seasons back. She's in much demand these days proving that certain girls will always find a space on the call sheet waiting for them. Or you could be Lara Stone and find yourself constantly needed on those best sets. Now consider the curious political change-ups at that hallmark American label which seems to be hopping from girl to girl per season. The days of long term commitments seem to be over at that house.


Kate Moss: Vogue Paris April 08:Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin ,Josh Beech: Hedi Slimane for VHI via thefashionspotKate Moss: Vogue Paris April 08:Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin ,Josh Beech: Hedi Slimane for VHI via thefashionspot

Well that's two in a row for Carine Roitfeld both in the sense of her dual management of Vogue Paris and Vogues Hommes International and the fact that the second VHI under her watch has turned out to be a sizzler. Today's challenge is to be succinct so here's TI's bullet points as to why both Vogue Paris and VHI are run-to-the-newstand brilliant.


When Supermodels Ruled The Earth: Cindy Crawford As IconWhen Supermodels Ruled The Earth: Cindy Crawford As Icon

Who invented the supermodel? Was it Gianni Versace when he started to employ the top editorial stars of the day in his runway shows? Was it Steven Meisel when he started to bulk-book The Trinity (Christy, Linda, Omi) month after month for every gig in sight? Maybe it was Gerald Marie and John Casablancas when they started to package the right girls dressed in the right clothes, staying at the right hotel at premium rates to the clients. Or was it the girls who took these opportunities as presented by Gianni and Steven and Gerald and ran like thieves with it all the way into history ( with stops off at The Fashion Cafe, The George Michael "Freedom" video and an aerobic video here or there).

The Big Tease with Mr B: By Gregory Vaughan

Mr Kanner sped these Gregory Vaughan shots of Major-star-in training Sean Biloski over to TI this morning and we were not one to deny you the matinee idol charms of Mr B. Viva Le Vaughan!

Cut It Up, Speed it Up, Shoot Ahead!

Playing dress up with Jourdan on Mike Schwartz's set was so much fun!Playing dress up with Jourdan on Mike Schwartz's set was so much fun!

Fashion Blips and Bytes

The Inimitable Rinko KikuchiThe Inimitable Rinko Kikuchi

The April issue of of iD features my very favorite actress in the world, the one and only Rinko Kikuchi. I think Rinko is beyond genius. I love her sullen pout, her fast shifting haircuts, her alliance with Chanel. I think she is the kind of global/cross-cultural super-star that mainstream media sleeps on. Expect to see many a post on Rinko at TI because this crush is serious! Rinko is on the cover of the "Gender" issue of iD. Very 90's that do a "Gender" issue but it's interesting that the ten year cycle of errant androgyny is here again. Love the i-Date feature on iD's Myspace page that has a questionnaire with options ranging from Male/Female, Straight/Gay, Bi/Boy, Girl/ Man, Woman/Trannie, She-he/He-She, Mother/Other. TI is not mad at the polymorphous nature of that and plans to feed into it ferociously. I also am in deep love with's flash video feature that allows you to speed-read through their entire issue. Check it out right now. It's just like being at the newstand!

It's The Wendell Lissimore Show

Coming Attractions: Starring Wendell LissimoreComing Attractions: Starring Wendell Lissimore

Ladies and gentlemen, prep yourselves for a very special Wendell Lissimore moment, looming your way to TI next week. We do believe this marquee face of Red Model Mgmt is fast becoming a one man cult. As well he should be!


This weekend I read Ingrid Sischy's Vanity Fair profile on Calvin Klein's post Calvin Klein Inc. existence. It constitutes buying and decorating multiple houses and it is indeed an enviable life. There is a section in the article that gets into a bit of heavy lifting in arguing Calvin Klein's validity as a landmark American designer. It got me thinking...what is it exactly about Calvin Klein that stays on our minds? After all these years, the power of his imaging still haunts American fashion like the echo of a music that once kept the party going.


Joe Lally strikes again in his latest exclusive edit. This editorial shot for THE IMAGIST is based on the wonderful AIP movies of the 70's, that were often an exploitation of the counter-culture youth market.
In this pictorial, PIW's model-actor Dan Cameron plays one of the characters in a film produced by AIP, entitled 'Angel, Angel, Down We Go', that actually starred Hollywood legend and movie star Jennifer Jones. Dan plays a hippie gone over the wire in a Los Angeles Cult.

starring actor-model DAN CAMERON (Public Image)
shot at Byron Tattos 274 W. 12 ST>

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