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Supreme Management

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Sasha P enjoys the best of both worldsSasha P enjoys the best of both worlds PH Meisel for Vogue Italia May 09

"The Hiss Squad reports that certain Russian beauty was seen speeding to the set of Vogue Italia to be shot for an Only Girl edit. Saying "certain Russian beauty" opens up just about 172 possibilities , but let's say this one has been in the VI circle before which means we should brace ourselves for a grand return."

TI on April 3rd

Where The Kids Are Congregating

The kids are congregating at Cafe Select on LafayetteThe kids are congregating at Cafe Select on Lafayette

Big apologies for not posting on Friday but on that rain drenched afternoon I had popped by the studios of Establishment, Anita Bitton's casting company housed in that very active building on Crosby, across from the Jil Sander store.

Switching To Paris Time

Russian Ranya is ready to be covetedRussian Ranya is ready to be coveted


Hanne Gabbe's closet is so genius its sickening!


Darya: Supreme Management: Instant It-GirlDarya: Supreme Management: Instant It-Girl


Irina K:IMG:PH: Chadwick Tyler via chadwicktyler.comIrina K:IMG:PH: Chadwick Tyler via

In the new photographers sweepstakes TI truly loves the work of Mr Chadwick Tyler. From his collobarations with Paul Rowland on the Supreme show package to his unexpectedly raw edged snaps of Irina K, you can feel something very organic and textured in his work. Which is very welcome these days.

Pablo Ravazzani Photographs Rad Hourani F/W 2008

By 1.30 pm, Fri Feb 8th, the Fall/Winter 2008 Rad Hourani was done. Rad, Hung Vanno (make-up and emotional motivation) Nicholas Grasa (stylist ) and their team had worked relentlessly hard on crafting a very dedicated vision. As its casting director I'm too close to deliver any kind of critical verdict on it, but I do know I apreciate Rad's indulgence in allowing a daring follow through on an exclusive engagement for Sunniva and a newcomer I considered to be a beautiful bookend, Camille to walk the show. I also loved the loyalty Rad as a newcomer inspired in prompting agents to give him two other girls, Rena and Kathleen also for his show in NY only. Behind the scenes there was lots of drama and screaming and... uhmm moments of "coming together" on my part. In that regard I'd like to extend my total gratitude to first and foremost, Paul Rowland and the team at Supreme and to Karina @ IMG, Michael Schwartz @ Women, Heinz Holba, George and Christopher @NY Models, Neal Hamil and Roman @Elite, Tammy @Next, Duane@ Trump, Sonny@One, Cheri@Marilyn and David @ Major. A big shout out goes to MDC's Betty Sze who was invaluable the entire week. I also am grateful to TI's latest contributing photographer, Pablo Ravazzani for snapping these backstage pics. They allowed me to see the clothes with a clean and clear new eye. I think they are incredibly appropriate as the photographic style of Pablo's pictures is totally in sync with the graphic precision that drives Rad's work .

Rad Hourani FW 08: PH: Pablo Ravazzani: Julia: WomenRad Hourani FW 08: PH: Pablo Ravazzani:Julia: Women


Suvi : Supreme : Purple S/S 08 via the fashionspotSuvi : Supreme : Purple S/S 08 via the fashionspot

Is she classical or is she perverse? The new Purple cover shot by Sorrenti decides Suvi's a little bit of both.

FYI: Suvi's one of those girls who is very on it, digitally speaking. Right after she opened that Prada (SS07 ) I had asked her if she had a Myspace page....etc... She replied:

Of course. I'm hooked. That and Microsoft messenger (text messengering) is how I keep up with my friends. On my page my friends and I make fun of how models are supposed to act . I get all these silly messages from guys trying to get dates and we just have a good laugh. I like to keep my personal life and my friendships and my family separate from my professional life. But its funny how people think they know your personality from seeing a picture of you. A lot of people expect me to be cold but my friends know better

That girl is a stealth super-star.

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