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Meghan Collison

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Double 23 shot by Roe Ethridge and styled by Marie ChaixDouble 23 shot by Roe Ethridge and styled by Marie Chaix

Thank God for Double magazine, the publication that restores your faith in the idea that each new generation produces one great magazine of its time. For TI's subjective money, Double is hands down, THE most vital bi-monthly contemporary publication coming out of Paris right this minute. Here's an advance peek at the new covers, speeding to a newstand tmrw.


Natahlie at Elite  PH: Rad HouraniNatahlie at Elite PH: Rad Hourani

DIY. Do it yourself. Do or die. That what where my mind was on the night before the Rad Hourani show.


Meghan Collison knows how to work a camera ...instinctivelyMeghan Collison knows how to work a camera ...instinctively


Sarah Stephens from Chadwick Tyler's "Tiberius"Sarah Stephens from Chadwick Tyler's "Tiberius"

I was really happy for Chadwick to hear that his debut exhibit of a new series of photographs titled "Tiberius" has come together. The opening of this show is going to be such a thing. I'm there with bells on because the thought of a new generation of young photographers fearlessly expressing their point of view is why we wake up in the mornings.

Logon Rock Witch!

Supreme Show Package: FW 08Supreme Show Package: FW 08

Listening right this minute to Aphex Twin's “Logon Rock Witch” from the Richard D James LP and its a great backdrop given all the talk of “witches” that flew around yesterday. Are witches going to rule the Fall/Winter runway season? Who knows but they sure would be a great corrective to all the florals and prints and color clashes ruling the edits this season. I wasn't in the office on Thursday evening when the messenger dropped off a copy of the Supreme show package so I popped by Mr Rowland's inner chamber Friday afternoon to check it out. Every time I catch up with Paul, I try to suss out the source of his ability to pick that one girl on his board that goes on to the Italian Vogue covers and the W shoots and the Prada runways. Last season it was Meghan Collison. There is a girl in the new package, Katriina who I loved, loved and loved when I first saw her at Rad Hourani's SS08 show in Paris. She's the kick off girl in the new Supreme show package and if NY bites that would be a thrilling thing to see. So how does Paul see success so far in advance? How does he consistently see stardom in girls that other managers reject? “I'm a witch ,” joked Paul.
Interestingly enough Lera Sheremata, after a brief respite in the Ukraine, is back in town. I saw her sweeping around the office and my heart beat faster. What is about that “green eyed rebel” as the fashionspotters say, that has us so captivated. Is she too a witch?

CURRENT LISTENING: FAUNTS:M4 +High Expectations/Low Results

Faunts: High Expectations/Low Results : Instant Classic: Very CinematicFaunts: High Expectations/Low Results : Instant Classic: Very Cinematic

5 reasons why TI is living for Faunts, right this minute:

1.They handle big melodies and rising keyboard pads that sound vaguely 80's without being TRAGICALLY 80's.
2.This new electronic/ambient bend is working!Bets on that Sofia Coppola's is bound to cop tracks from M4 for her next ironically hip film trip.
3. They hail from Edmonton Canada which is also hometowm to TI's signature model of the season: Ms Meghan Collison
4.The name sounds like you smashed the words fauns and fonts together. Imagine what design god Peter Saville could have made of that !
5.TI discovered Faunts off Mass Effect, the XBox 360 game.Programmers with taste. Hope rises.

The Club Kids Club Back!

Andre J +Carolyn Murphy /IMG: Vogue Paris: Nov 07: Bruce WeberAndre J +Carolyn Murphy /IMG: Vogue Paris: Nov 07: Bruce Weber

Fashion shall not live by fashion alone. It needs to eat art and music and the new bands and the new kids in the clubs if it is to stay current. Now that downtown denizen Andre J is riding the cover of November's Vogue Paris, will that clinch his long pending record deal? It's bound to go No 1 on the English charts, no? I hope Inez and Vinoodh will really do the video...But how did this whole subversion of what fashion is or isn't come about? It's all Joe McKenna's idea said Andre to about a week ago. McKenna put Andre in touch with Bruce Weber, (it's an All Bruce All The Time editorial well this month ) Carine Roitfeld went... hmmmm and the rest is history..

The Independent Miss Meghan

Meghan Collison: Photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia Oct 07Meghan Collison: Photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia Oct 07

Our fave new model star is all over the stands of NY with her October cover of Vogue Italia. TI loves that this strong girl who reads so "edge" in person has been glossed up by Meisel to render one of the most glamorous mag covers of the year thus far. We Q+A'd the Supreme beauty back in August for Spur magazine and here's the abridged translation of what was Miss Meghan's first ever interview. My best memory about it was how completely unaffected she was as well as the incredible life force in Meghan's eyes. She's headed a looooong way from small city shopping malls is all we have to say.

Wayne Sterling:I love your haircut Meghan! It is so cool and perfect for you. Did Paul do it?

Meghan Collison : Nope. I've had this can look back at pictures when I was three years old...almost my whole life. The only thing that really changed is it just got longer and longer. I went through that "lets grow a bang phase" that all the girls did in grade six but my phase went on right into high school.

WS: Speaking of being a little girl, where did you grew up?

MC: I grew up in a place called Edmonton in Canada. Edmonton, Like the Edmonton Oilers..the hockey team. We have the biggest mall in the world there Its owned by the same people who own Mall Of America. Its huge. I love it though. I love shopping there.

WS: Which makes for a perfect segue, the legend is you were scouted in a shopping mall.

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