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Eagerly Anticipating: Exhibition Magazine No. 4: The Silk Issue

Exhibition magazine #4.  The Silk Issue.Exhibition magazine #4. The Silk Issue.

Gael Hugo and Edwin Sberro's Exhibition launches are event publishing at its finest and given the new issue's theme, 'Silk', TI can't wait to revel in the sumptuousness.


Exhibition Magazine comes in an impeccable black boxExhibition Magazine comes in an impeccable black box

I got home last night and at the front desk was the long awaited debut issue of Exhibition magazine.


Mr Style strikes againMr Style strikes again

I've been fascinated all year by Mr Style a/k/a Ray and his perfectly idiosyncratic and individualistic site (" . Something about the pure and uncorrupted energy of his writing and the languidness of his beauty made me feel like here was a very interesting young talent to track. That is what makes doing TI so exciting for me these days. I feel like its been allowing me to mingle in an underground internet network , a kind of secret society of talented and beautiful new kids bent on making their mark on the worlds of taste and style. I hold Mr Style to be a prime example of this ideal. Around the time of the last Paris Fashion Week I planned to catch up with Ray but ... you know how it goes in that city. Decadent mayhem spoils the best laid plans. Last week Ray Q&A'd me for his blog so I insisted on returning the favor by investigating further the new brand of fabulousness represented our erstwhile Mr Style. This is what I found out

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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