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Karlie Kloss

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100% LOST COTTON A One-Act Play : Featuring The Opening Ceremony Spring Summer 2015 Collection

Elle Fanning treading the boards.Elle Fanning treading the boards.

This is why you have to love New York. More than any city it grows suspicious of the same-old-same-old, real fast. Ruthless, restless, ever evolving…and always reminding you that difference can be the best fun. Thus last night's victorious "debut" of Spike Jonze's 100 Lost Cotton, that took the frown out of fashion and made it a celebration. Yay #OpeningCeremony.


In New York that Calvin exclusive has emerged as a major star-making platform (Irina K, Karlie Kloss, Toni Garrn Ali Stephens being Calvin XCL emeritus) .


Sarah Stephens from Chadwick Tyler's "Tiberius"Sarah Stephens from Chadwick Tyler's "Tiberius"

I was really happy for Chadwick to hear that his debut exhibit of a new series of photographs titled "Tiberius" has come together. The opening of this show is going to be such a thing. I'm there with bells on because the thought of a new generation of young photographers fearlessly expressing their point of view is why we wake up in the mornings.

The Social Climbers Guide To Paris Fashion Week: Post Party Post

Ms Coco Rocha: winner of the Best Brand Narrative Award at the TI dinner!Ms Coco Rocha: winner of the Best Brand Narrative Award at the TI dinner!

I was standing somewhere in the massive stone sprawl of The Louvre late last night when this American friend of mine, now living in Paris smashed one of the city's last remaining illusions into fragments. “You do know, don't you that a lot of Paris' architecture is faux. In the 18th century they made a lot of changes to the 17th century buildings. In the 19th they adjusted aspects of the 18th and today they preserve, preserve, preserve. But when they preserve and restore they use 21th century materials. So you're not looking at anything exactly the way it was. The whole core of the city is a face-lift.” True or not, what my friend taught me though was useful and it was useful for fashion. Because now as I sit a CDG waiting to my flight back to NY,( back to that all that restless, ruthless modernity that preserves very little), it occurs to me that a city can infect your creative process.

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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