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The Djarleeing Limited

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CURRENT VIEWING: The Djarleeing Limited!

Still from The Djarleeing Limited: Fox Searchlight PicturesStill from The Djarleeing Limited: Fox Searchlight Pictures

The beautiful men's suiting in varying shades of gray played against the searing reds and orange of India...The kooky "Vuitton" luggage by Marc Jacobs ... Anjelika Huston, Waris Ahluwalia AND Natalie Portman in supporting roles...It is a wrap ! We're off to a screening of Wes Anderson's " The Darjeeling Express" fully convinced that this movie is going to be a huge influence on the FW 08 presentations in Europe next January. You can never go wrong with Wes anyway, he of the beautiful and peculiar men's suits, the brilliant choices of Paris hotels (Le Raphael on Avenue Kebler) and the always enviable casting. Bet the soundtrack is going to be pure wickedness too.

PS: Said "Kooky Vuitton" luggage can be yours via a silent auction benefiting UNICEF and the Rawal Mallinathji Foundation, a medical treatment charity in India. Place your bids immediately at a Vuitton store near you.

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