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Current Viewing: “Champs Élysées” : Palais de Tokyo

" Champs-Elysées" : Images courtesy of Palais de Tokyo, Paris" Champs-Elysées" : Images courtesy of Palais de Tokyo, Paris

Whoah! Palais de Tokyo does it again, Not only in terms of convening another knock-out and suitably enough, drop dead curatorial exercise, but also in terms of the stunning cultural self-awareness embedded in the idea of this exhibit. For the premier contemporary art space in Paris to structure an exhibition around the concept of the "cemetery" is beyond ironic and actually a form of cultural criticism of the best order. Paris as a Necropolis... The museum as the repository of a decaying as a cultural funerary rite! That's so dense and rich a self-critque especially because the thought-system is delivered via a bricolage of unexpected artists ranging from Rodin to Ian Hamilton Finley to Duane Michals. This exhibition goes down as one of the best of the year in TI's books.


Statue along the SeineStatue along the Seine

As in relief at the departure of the alien fashion hordes, today Paris changed its face and opened its skies


The Tuileries just before Bastille DayThe Tuileries just before Bastille Day

M/M Bop ! (a/k/a I Love A Glossy Gray Finish)


Who misses the controlled extravagance of the M/M (Paris) pages of Paris Vogue? Who didn't buy extra copies of V Man 1 to archive that landmark "Alphabet Story" that turned the leading male mannequins of that moment into letters of the alphabet? . The Imagist is guilty on all counts and is planning to pay penance by buying Alphamen,a limited edition box set of 27 one colour silkscreen prints (in an edition of 26 at aprx. $8,000). That is, unless you beat TI to the punch. If you do we're just going to have to settle for the book Inventory/Inventoire (multiple edition at aprx $20).

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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