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Natasha Poly

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Lara vs Natasha for the New No 1 slot at MDC.Lara vs Natasha for the New No 1 slot at MDC.

Raquel Zimmerman has ruled the No 1 spot at MDC for almost two years now, signaling that she is indeed that rare, rare paragon of longevity.


Vogue Paris is not an uncertain magazineVogue Paris is not an uncertain magazine

"As much as I love your blog, it does make me nervous that you and others are exposing the "secrets". Fashion is fashion when the mass public can't see the workings"
Anonymous post on TI


Natasha Poly adds sexy to her repitoire of editorial looks in the new Self ServiceNatasha Poly adds sexy to her repitoire of editorial looks in the new Self Service

You know this by now. Not much will change in the ranks of the girls clients consider directional and marketable enough to front their brands. Natasa, Anja, Malgosia, Kate...The tried and the true will find their bread well buttered. A girl like Snejana for instance, long past the status of being a fad already has found herself on set for one of those high profile brands that everyone kills to book.

The real suspense lies in the challenge of which of the 25 or so 'runway breakthroughs' that I'm currently tracking at MDC will actually convert into girls with an editorial and campaign career. I can't tip my hand too much but Paris for me was the story of Aline W of One in NY (& Elite Paris) and Amanda Laine at Supreme (& Women Paris). They are two very different kind of girls but with an obvious hardcore insider fashion appeal. It is great that Aline, the same Brazilian 15 year old who spoke no English and was very unhappy in NY three years ago is the toast of all Paris right now. And Amanda, a girl NY didn't get , proceeds to open both McQueen and Miu-Miu in Paris. I'm fascinated by her face. Her make-up at the Balenciaga converted her into this severe, almost intimidating power-woman. It is a clear sign that she'll be a great girl for the blue chippers to play with in upcoming months in the glossies. I can only imagine those options!

The Power Eye! The Stylists With The Influence

Stylists: The Interpreters Of Fashion: Rizzoli 2007Stylists: The Interpreters Of Fashion: Rizzoli 2007

The talk this week? Rachel Zoe's bold claim about possibly being more influential than Anna Wintour. The cabal is in a frenzy at this sacrilege. Its the best fashion sound byte since “We don't get out of bed for less than 10,000 a day” But given the high altitude Rachel now lives at (and the corresponding lack of oxygen) Rachel Zoe is entitled to be as megalomaniac as she wants to be. I mean maybe she means more influential in malls...or more influential with the 18 and unders. There is even a rumor in circulation that Zoe has first pull at Calvin. A rumor probably...possibly started by the Zoe camp. But it gets you thinking. Whose eyes, tastes, preferences inform the idea of what is fashion now? And how does the tastes and preferences (and talent) of these forces affect how fashionable women dress? . I spent my entire Saturday ringing up some kids in the trade to form an informal style council. Not only was Wintour with her fashion funds, speed dial to billionaire CEO's and Met Costume Balls PR machines in another universe of influence, the conclusion was there were easily 5 forces in the world of styling who could eat Zoe for lunch...and use her ribcage as toothpicks.

Grace Coddington:

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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