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Prada's  Linea Rossa  line Fall-Winter 2008 . 2009 : starring  Ymre StiekemaPrada's Linea Rossa line Fall-Winter 2008 . 2009 : starring Ymre Stiekema


High priestess of chic rock Pop: PH Sebastian Faena  Image via tfsHigh priestess of chic rock Pop: PH Sebastian Faena Image via tfs

High priestesses, Agyness! Naomi! Amber!Jourdan!Natalia! Oluchi in Prada for the new Pop!


Alexander Wang must stand the test of his times! NY needs that. Image via alexanderwang.comAlexander Wang must stand the test of his times! NY needs that. Image via

Changing Faces

Natalia has the face that makes sellsNatalia has the face that makes sells

OK off to the Oak showroom to pick up a pile of Hood By Air I just ordered...all the better to play with on new girls for the constant round of shoots I edit with Spur, MDC and TI . We think Natalia from Women (who opened the last Prada) would look brilliant in that twisted gear.


Vive  Revolutionaries with good handbags!Vive Revolutionaries with good handbags!

2008! Its the 40th anniversary of the May 68 uprising in France, an event forever romanticized and fetished in fashion (Ms Prada), film (Bertolucci's "The Dreamers") and music (check Pet Shop Boys "I'm Not Scared"..the crowd noises at the end are a tribute to Mai 68). The Hayward Gallery is exhibiting a collection of posters curated by Johan Kugelberg and Jeff Boardman of original posters from the uprising.
40 of the stunning graphic works have been reproduced into a limited edition poster book and each page of the hand pulled screen-printed reproductions been perforated along the edge for easy removal and framing (only 68 books are being published).

RECESS THIS! Campaigns FW 08

A legendary Jil Sander print by Craig McDeanA legendary Jil Sander print by Craig McDean

There has been a lively discussion around the recent Inez and Vinoodh post that raised very smart questions about the chances a new generation of photographers have in breaking into the campaign market. That discussion has led to a flurry of calls to TI and let's just say if there IS indeed a recession looming, brands are bracing themselves for it by taking no chances. And when we say brands, its almost as if you have to start thinking of the current photography establishment as brands in and of themselves.
Think Meisel Inc. Testino Unlimited. Sims Corp. One Hiss Squader actually mused to me yesterday over lunch that , "If I were a blue chip photographer and I saw trouble coming, I would totally be locking down jobs with those mass market companies. I mean when the money runs out people might be buying fewer alligator handbags but I don't think Target or The Gap is going to be bouncing checks anytime soon"
Will that conventional wisdom hold up? You'd be surprised as to what some of the bigger names in the biz are lensing...on the down low.

In the meantime Testino Unlimited is shooting an All-Testino issue of German Vogue right this minute, including a Top 10 New Models edit with a short-list so spot-on I almost want to leak it. Almost lol.


Prada lives for a surprise momentPrada lives for a surprise moment

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