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Nastassja Kinski

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Nasstaja Kinski Photographed by Richard AvedonNasstaja Kinski Photographed by Richard Avedon

ne plus ultra \nee-plus-UL-truh; nay-\, noun:
1. The highest point, as of excellence or achievement; the acme; the pinnacle; the ultimate.

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Nastassja Kinski : Exposed!Nastassja Kinski : Exposed!.

Fashion Week with its 16 hr days is upon us. To survive, it's all about the brilliantly bad movies before bedtime. Tonight's feature presentation is..."Exposed" . Directed by James Toback . Starring Nastassja Kinski (y'know daughter of, famous for the snake shot by Avedon) and Rudolph Nuryev (where does one start). They're lovers. She's a model. He's a violinist. Shot in NY and Paris. Back copy says " a seductive romantic thriller that takes you into the glittering world of high fashion- and the murky, violent mileu of international terrorism". Very credible, this premise, no? But we love the poster's reference to exposed film stock and Nasty Kinky's high 80's hair. Available only on VHS. Alas!

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