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Steven Klein


Lara Stone by Steven Klein for W magazine.Lara Stone by Steven Klein for W magazine.

That near impossible club to enter, called latter day #supermodeldom...Lara Stone got in.

Secretprojectrevolution : An Art For Freedom Project : Madonna and Steven Klein : A Review by John Ray Jr.

Some may view this film as an anomaly but there is a tradition proceeding it.Some may view this film as an anomaly but there is a tradition proceeding it.

The film begins abruptly, as if the beginning had been chopped off: we are not prepared,


An instant archive!An instant archive!

Ladies and gentlemen, witness the undiluted, uncompromised, ultra-potent imagery of Steven Klein


Arena Homme Plus SS11: The Steven Klein collectibleImage via radhourani.comArena Homme Plus SS11: The Steven Klein collectibleImage via

The Zeb Ringle by Steven Klein is the cover to snatch


It is ultimately about ways of seeing. What is the way in which you choose to see fashion as opposed to art as opposed to sex as opposed to advertising in contrast to life, real life ? What are the lines separating and distinguishing all these driving forces in our culture? Photography is only truly powerful when it can provoke a body of questions and the beauty of this film lies precisely in the questions it pulls up in its wake..

You can see "Stag Film" for its pure beauty, as a series of images rendering the horse's classical form as a sculptural black and white abstraction. As the initial press release this summer for the gallery exhibition of "Stag Film" explained " Is it that Stag Film is simply about motion and emulsion and how light at 250th of a second captures and renders life static?".

But you also have the option of being startled and shocked by "Stag Film": by its realness in documenting the urgency in which this stallion battles a "phantom" mare.

Or you could synthesize all these layers of reaction and see a shadow play of life and death and sex ... of the species fighting desperately to perpetuate itself, of an artist identifying poetry in that struggle.

For further information on purchasing the book edition of Stag Film, here are the full details

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