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Ghurron Briscoe

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Detail of Elizabeth Peyton canvasDetail of Elizabeth Peyton canvas

Mr Briscoe was here, there and everywhere this month in his tireless quest to chronicle the New York Art Scene. Here are his highlights from the star-studded Yinka Shonibare and the Elizabeth Peyton openings last Thursday and Friday in NY.


Ghurron Briscoe NY Artbeat April 08Ghurron Briscoe NY Artbeat April 08

TI's Ghurron Briscoe was on the beat in NY scoping out a selection of must-see shows and events that get that (must see) asterik on your calender. Click on the image for a larger version .

Briscoe's Art Beat

Mr. Briscoe's selection of current doings on the NY gallery sceneMr. Briscoe's selection of current doings on the NY gallery scene

TI's art correspondent Mr. Briscoe (our man on the gallery scene) was very busy this weekend. Here is his short report on the stops he made while gallery-crawling. For the full version of the above collage, click on the image then choose the "original" option. If anything catches your eye, it would be fun for you to check it out yourself.

We started at a group show at Thrust Project. At Thrust Lisa Hamilton give space and dimension a mood with neutral colors... Elizabeth Cooper's abstract painting spoke volumes with style and design...Guild & Greyshkul offered a defiant group show full of outlaw attitude...Amanda Ross-Ho DEFIES!...Smith& Stewart's Kerstin Bratsch & Adole Roder gave me a kind of sexual healing!
Squaring the Circle which was a two day private group show in Williamburg/ East Bushwick and was curated by Summer Gunthery...Jeffery Lopez showed skill with minimalist design... Jason Rhodes Black Pussy kept me hip at David Zwirner Chelsea... Richard Tinkler displays dexerity with his solo show of paintings and drawings at Sunday Gallery.
...Josh Tonsfeldt spiritual journey was a "resistance" to Oliver Stone's classic, "Platoon . Kurt Kauper from Deitch project out classed Tom of Finland! Solange Umutoni is a true art patron, you will see her around! Goddess Chloe took me to Brazil at Visionaire Gallery. NY certainly is a treasure trove right now for young art lovers!


The Invitation to the Jansson Stegner openingThe Invitation to the Jansson Stegner opening

Another great tip just blipped in from TI's art correspondent Ghurron Briscoe. Headed back to NY in an hour and penciling in this Jansson Stegner show as one of my things-to-see tomorrow.

Jansson Stegner Bellweather Press ReleaseJansson Stegner Bellweather Press Release


The artist Bharti Kher in a fantastic ensemble!The artist Bharti Kher in a fantastic ensemble!

Last time we looked TI's dapper art correspondent, the dapper Mr. Briscoe was in London. Last Thursday he was back in NY covering the opening at the Jack Shainman Garllery of artist's Bhatri Kher's new work. TI loves the visceral pulse in these pics!

A piece by Bharti KherA piece by Bharti Kher

A piece by Bharti KherA piece by Bharti Kher

Wolf: Bharti KherWolf: Bharti Kher

A piece by Bharti KherA piece by Bharti Kher


White Cube ExteriorWhite Cube Exterior

TI's enterprising art correspondent popped over to London to scan the Ellen Altfest's White Cube opening in London. Here are his flashes of what clearly was a triumphant night for Ms Atltfest.

Marian Kappos and the artist, Ellen AltfestMarian Kappos and the artist, Ellen Altfest

The crowd outside The Ellen Altfest openingThe crowd outside The Ellen Altfest opening

Writer Johnathan Walpole and a friendWriter Johnathan Walpole and a friend


Katherine Bernhardt at Chanel on E 64thKatherine Bernhardt at Chanel on E 64th

The E. 64th Street Chanel store threw open its doors last Thursday to Katherine Bernhardt and her vivid paintings which filled the luxury emporium from door to column to wall. Katherine's fun circle was out in full force to celebrate including our art correspondent Ghurron Briscoe and fellow artist Jayson Keeling who nabbed these snaps with his mighty Leica. Despite the very strong drinks that night. To see more of this rising painter's work contact Canada, her NY gallery. After the Chanel stamp, Katherine's sure to be sizzling among the fashion industry art heads.

Melissa Levin of LMCC and  artist Jason Irwin at Katherine Bernhardt at Chanel on E 64th PartyMelissa Levin of LMCC and artist Jason Irwin at Katherine Bernhardt at Chanel on E 64th Party

Katherine Bernhardt at Chanel /E 64th PartyKatherine Bernhardt at Chanel /E 64th Party

Ghurron Briscoe's Artscope: Day 2

Mr Chris Ofili Ph:Ghurron BriscoeMr Chris Ofili Ph:Ghurron Briscoe

TI's always elegant art correspondent Ghurron Briscoe swung by the Chris Ofili opening at the David Zwirner gallery and made Mr. Ofili's acquaintance. The David Zwirner gallery issued this press release regarding the event.

Opening on September 20, 2007, David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by artist Chris Ofili, who lives and works in Trinidad. This will be the artist’s debut solo exhibition at David Zwirner and the first to unite his work in painting, sculpture, printmaking, and graphite drawing. A fully-illustrated catalogue will be published by Steidl/David Zwirner in conjunction with the exhibition.

The exhibition title, Devil’s Pie, is derived from singer-songwriter D’Angelo’s 1998 lyrical meditation on temptation and retribution, reaffirming the artist’s longstanding relationship with music, especially hip-hop sounds and culture, as well as his continued exploration of Biblical themes. According to the song, the ingredients of this metaphorical dish include “materialistic, greed and lust, jealousy, envious/bread and dough, cheddar cheese, flash and stash, cash and cream.” While addressing specific aspects of the black urban experience, the song maintains a universal significance, questioning the nature of sin, desire, and redemption. Similarly, in its diverse references and inextricable dichotomies, Ofili’s work functions as a magnet for viewers’ own meanings, ideas, or arguments and encourages them to disagree freely, even with themselves.

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