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Guinevere:IMG: PH: Paolo RoversiGuinevere:IMG: PH: Paolo Roversi

The in crowd is flocking to Pace MacGill tonight for the Roversi/Guinevere opening. Here's a byte of background info:


Editorial AND Sexy! PH Sorrenti for V53 via thefashionspotEditorial AND Sexy! PH Sorrenti for V53 via thefashionspot

I have to say, nobody in the modeling industry of New York behaved in a predictable way last week. Or have they? From the blood bath (or bloodletting depending on how you care to look at it) at DNA and Women to the delightfully un-corporate IMG agency image in the new V magazine, nothing is quite the way it was . But that's good for fashion and the modeling industry, because despite its efforts that business remains bound by fashion's tendency to change...abruptly, randomly with maximum cruelty . A hundred question abound in the wake of this shift... What does this mean for the girls? What does this mean for clients ? For mother agencies?
Well the more things change... the more you change with them. There was a meeting this morning at MDC and the big decision was to get the POV of all the parties in involve and post a full-on piece of journalistic writing as to the powerful implications of that shift. Tomorrow I pop over for the first time since the shift to the Women/Supreme offices and it will be interesting to observe this new power-pairing of Rowland+ Chabon .

Fashion Blips and Bytes

The Inimitable Rinko KikuchiThe Inimitable Rinko Kikuchi

The April issue of of iD features my very favorite actress in the world, the one and only Rinko Kikuchi. I think Rinko is beyond genius. I love her sullen pout, her fast shifting haircuts, her alliance with Chanel. I think she is the kind of global/cross-cultural super-star that mainstream media sleeps on. Expect to see many a post on Rinko at TI because this crush is serious! Rinko is on the cover of the "Gender" issue of iD. Very 90's that do a "Gender" issue but it's interesting that the ten year cycle of errant androgyny is here again. Love the i-Date feature on iD's Myspace page that has a questionnaire with options ranging from Male/Female, Straight/Gay, Bi/Boy, Girl/ Man, Woman/Trannie, She-he/He-She, Mother/Other. TI is not mad at the polymorphous nature of that and plans to feed into it ferociously. I also am in deep love with's flash video feature that allows you to speed-read through their entire issue. Check it out right now. It's just like being at the newstand!

Who's Afraid Of Blue, Green or Yellow?

The gorgeous Chantel Lee has already been snapped up by IMG WorldwideThe gorgeous Chantel Lee has already been snapped up by IMG Worldwide

There are two things I've kept from my Christmas vacation in Jamaica .

This Week In Hiss.

Kate Moss: Naomi Campbell: IMG: Vogue Paris Feb 08: via thefashionspot.comKate Moss: Naomi Campbell: IMG: Vogue Paris Feb 08: via


Guinevere:IMG: PH: Meisel: Vogue Italia Jan 08Guinevere:IMG: PH: Meisel: Vogue Italia Jan 08

There WAS a reason why the cover dropped so late. My Milan mole just texted me 2 secs ago to say he saw a bound copy of the mag with GUINEVERE on the cover. Waiting for the first look!...In other tales of world domination, Missy Rayder is now officially on the board of IMG.

10's Across The Board!

Kinga Rajzak:IMG Models: PH:Jem Mitchell: 10 MagazineKinga Rajzak:IMG Models: PH:Jem Mitchell: 10 Magazine

Its 85 degrees at 11 o clock at night in good old Jamaica and its very bizarre to be still receiving fashion transmissions from NY. That just goes to prove that the fashion beast never sleeps..The latest bytes...10 magazine out of London being given a radical makeover from design sensibility to incoming roster of photographers. Seems the publishers are hell bent to boosting their status to match that of Pop, V, Purple and Self-Service. Wonder which blue chip photographers will take the bait? And mere mortals may be lolling around on tropical beaches but the war for scooping the next round of star models is already afoot among all-star casting directors like Russell and Maida . Mother agencies around the world, prepare for battle. And speaking of all-stars, January's Vogue Italia cover-girl is very much that . Now what clues can we drop? 1. It will be a debut cover for the girl in question 2. It will be brilliant timing for what should be a major January for her 3.She is not Canadian. Or Russian. And we should stop there. More tommorow!


Natalia /DNA: Louis Vuitton SS08Natalia /DNA: Louis Vuitton SS08 is on TI's bookmark list because they do such a great summary of current fashion news. For instance, I was away all weekend and didn't catch WWD's previews of the Mert n Marcus LV SS08 ads. And look! Its Eva/1 Mgmt and Stephanie/IMG AND Naomi/IMG for first run with Natalia/Angela/Claudia to follow. But you heard all about the genius casting here first, no?

Eva/1 Mgmt, Naomi/IMG, Stephanie/IMG for Louis Vuitton SS08Eva/1 Mgmt, Naomi/IMG, Stephanie/IMG for Louis Vuitton SS08


The Most Recent Triumph: PH: Meisel Vogue Italia Dec 07The Most Recent Triumph: PH: Meisel Vogue Italia Dec 07

This is what the love of fashion can spawn. Our very devoted fashion contributer Max, has just outlined a veritable THESIS on directional fashion photographer Steven Meisel. Intense no? If Max does pull it off, this could well be a scholarly book sold in college bookstores worldwide. Make room Madonna!
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