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80's Movies

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CURRENT VIEWING: Jean Jacques Beineix's DIVA

Jean Jacques Beineix's 1981 masterpiece "Diva"Jean Jacques Beineix's 1981 masterpiece "Diva"

Max strikes again, this time pulling up Jean Jacques Beineix's fantastic French masterpiece "Diva" as companion viewing to last week's posting for "Liquid Sky" . I love Max's hard fashion meets grad student style of analysis. Keep inspiring us please!

This movie, both in it's original theatrical incarnation release in 1981 as well as the newly re-released digital version by Rialto Films (in limited release at this time), is groundbreaking, pioneering and inspirational to members of the creative industries ( art, advertising, design, fashion, film, media, modeling, photography, etc.)

Here is a short list of the impact that this movie has had in terms of influence -

a. The script and concept of the movie was/is still very directional and pioneering because it featured a mix of old Europe/France/Paris (OPERA/OLD RIGHT BANK/RIVE DROITE PARIS) with the new Europe/France Paris (NEW WAVE/EARLY SYNTH MUSIC/POST PUNK/ARABIC/AFRICAN/VIETNAMESE COLONIAL CHARACTERS/INFLUENCES), leading to further French film productions such as LA HAIGHT, INDOCHINE, BETTY BLUE. The film was also, related by "kismet" with other ground breaking films such as "LIQUID SKY" and "BLADE RUNNER".

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Nastassja Kinski : Exposed!Nastassja Kinski : Exposed!.

Fashion Week with its 16 hr days is upon us. To survive, it's all about the brilliantly bad movies before bedtime. Tonight's feature presentation is..."Exposed" . Directed by James Toback . Starring Nastassja Kinski (y'know daughter of, famous for the snake shot by Avedon) and Rudolph Nuryev (where does one start). They're lovers. She's a model. He's a violinist. Shot in NY and Paris. Back copy says " a seductive romantic thriller that takes you into the glittering world of high fashion- and the murky, violent mileu of international terrorism". Very credible, this premise, no? But we love the poster's reference to exposed film stock and Nasty Kinky's high 80's hair. Available only on VHS. Alas!

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