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The Armory Show

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TI IS MAD FOR : +81 Magazine : Vol.55 Graphic Behind the Art Scene issue

+81 interviewed designers who  focus on graphic design in the art world.+81 interviewed designers who focus on graphic design in the art world.



Kenichi Hoshine: Untitled:2007: oil on wood, 24 X 36Kenichi Hoshine: Untitled:2007: oil on wood, 24 X 36

Apologies for the lapse in posting kids. I took Sunday off just to see what life on the surface was like. Well guess what? New York right now is living on a sustained art-beat. Its a town full of great gallery and museum shows with Pulse and The Armory fairs looming this weekend. I've been processing the Biennal in bits and pieces and I've come to like about a quarter of the work there with its cold, dry sense of analysis and self-control. From filtering the big reviews at The Times, New York Magazine, The New Yorker and The Voice you've probably gathered that "exuberance" is not a big tone this year in the proceedings. . From "The End Of Empire" to "Recession proof and emotionally numb ", this Biennal is sure drawing its fair share of tut-tutting. But I'm a contrarian ...Speaking of recession... in the gallery scene there seems to be a strange sense of glee at the thought of a market collapse. Will this weekend's Armory and Pulse contemporary show leave all the participants rosy and upbeat regarding the future? Probably not but you you do have to love the inherent democracy of the Saatchi-online gallery offerings at Pulse. The above Kenichi Hochine is available at 5K. The beat goes on!

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