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Shunsuke Okabe

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TI DATE: Lacoste x Lesage "The Reality Show Magazine" Exhibition : Palais de Tokyo | By Bureau Betak July 5th 2015

Bravo  @ladytiffanygodoy  @shunsukeokabe @therealityshowmagazine  @lacoste @alexdebetak #lacoste #bureaubetakBravo @ladytiffanygodoy @shunsukeokabe @therealityshowmagazine @lacoste @alexdebetak #lacoste #bureaubetak

A Palais de Tokyo extravaganza never fails TI!

TI IS MAD FOR: Yoshio Kubo | ヨシオ クボ

As worn by Shunsuke Okabe, editor and stylist.As worn by Shunsuke Okabe, editor and stylist.

The way Tokyo style god, Shunsuke Okabe wears

BIG IN 15: Tokyo's Shunsuke (@shunsukeokabe)

SHUNSUKE OKABE  / ファッションエディター, スタイリストSHUNSUKE OKABE / ファッションエディター, スタイリスト

Shunsuke Okabe ! Tokyoite Editor / Stylist / The Reality Show Magazine avatar is high on TI's list of cool new emerging forces poised to bring something fresh to fashion. The New Japan Wave starts here.

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