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Hood By Air

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HOOD BY AIR: SS 09 PRESENTATION is bringing all the cool underground kids togetherHOOD BY AIR: SS 09 PRESENTATION is bringing all the cool underground kids together

Jason Ferrar's styling and that will be a thing!


Snapped as a styling note: Angelina: Elite rocks boy gear as girl gearSnapped as a styling note: Angelina: Elite rocks boy gear as girl gear

This week's been as mad and hectic like it were Fashion Week...including Memorial Day when Mike Schwartz ...shall we say manipulated the variables so that I ended up styling this lovely lass of an Elite newcomer for one of his shoots. Angelina is mostly wearing stuff out my closet, including a vintage Dior Homme jacket and sweatshirt and a pair of Hood By Air shorts. The shoes I assure you are not mine however. Though Shayne tells me there is a flock of new downtown boys...pumping it in pumps. God bless!


Vogue Paris is not an uncertain magazineVogue Paris is not an uncertain magazine

"As much as I love your blog, it does make me nervous that you and others are exposing the "secrets". Fashion is fashion when the mass public can't see the workings"
Anonymous post on TI

Changing Faces

Natalia has the face that makes sellsNatalia has the face that makes sells

OK off to the Oak showroom to pick up a pile of Hood By Air I just ordered...all the better to play with on new girls for the constant round of shoots I edit with Spur, MDC and TI . We think Natalia from Women (who opened the last Prada) would look brilliant in that twisted gear.


From Lauren's Birthday party via ohnowhoa.comFrom Lauren's Birthday party via

Strange things are brewing in NYC these days. Or rather I should say these nights. Strange looks. Mad talent. New blood. And we would like to tap into it. As of today TI is going to take a strange turn. I'm going to stop talking about my tastes and start getting into other people's tastes. As such TI is looking for guest curators who will take over multiple-posts on certain days and upload what they damn well please. Fabien from is in. Hood By Air is down. Desperately trying to contact the mad mastermind behind I need to know who this Telfar is. Who's Johnny Misheff? And what in the world is Hercules and Love Affair plotting next? New York is back kids and the next generation is here. Trust!



I love that this boy works Crown Heights in looks such as these. Paris is waiting!

Reason No 12 To Love Hood By Air

And they think the new kids don't know how to party! Image via eliteurbanbrigade.blogspot.comAnd they think the new kids don't know how to party! Image via

These kids are beyond it! Shayne's outfit is being mopped in certain Seventh Avenue showrooms even as we speak.


Gatekeeper keeps it Hood By AirGatekeeper keeps it Hood By Air

I track Hood By Air because they are not just a design team, they are a kind of entry portal into a certain kind of here and now. For instance Hood By Air strongly advised that we get past Crystal Castles and move into an outfit called Gatecrasher. We did as we were told and got some excellence for it. I have't yet scored an mp3 (help!) so in the meantime, absorb the excellence at :
MYSPACE.COM/THECANYONSEDGE. The music is very the above image. Very Neon, deeply "Tron" , early synth cinematic suspense...


Quite Butch queen realness in athletic heels , no?Quite Butch queen realness in athletic heels , no?

TI's fascination with NY style mavericks Hood By Air is pretty self-evident. They are like a new chapter in the myth of New York living in the grand tradition of boomboxes and breakdancing, vogue balls and languorous summer days spent on handball courts. I hear the music of New York night clubs when I see their clothes which is practical and flamboyant, sportif and conceptual, plus I love their homemade videos which always has me in stitches. I caught up with Shayen, one of the architects of HBA , where he schooled me to the ways and by-laws of a taste point called Hood By Air.

Is New York "late" right now next to London and Berlin ? Is there hope for NY to snatch the moment back?

No, never that. London has its cocky sensibility. We're realist... or too conservative lol. From a New York point of view, I feel like they have this way of complicating expression, or at least mocking it in a way that comes off as pompous...even late. We are everyday show queens, whereas they're queens that put on a show. Which is pretty cool both ways.NY is coming back though, We always birth the urban renewal.

From HBA I get a feeling of Nike but also of a vogue battle with a little vintage Gaultier...vintage Westwood.... Something Yohji is up in there too. I get many things. Am I wrong?

These are a few things that have been an inspiration, not necessarily reference... I love the sense of active restriction which I feel these inspirations embody.

Where do you all come from?

Cut It Up, Speed it Up, Shoot Ahead!

Playing dress up with Jourdan on Mike Schwartz's set was so much fun!Playing dress up with Jourdan on Mike Schwartz's set was so much fun!

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