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Maxime Ballesteros

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Not-Yet-Titled CPrint courtesy of Sue de Beer and Marianne Boesky GalleryNot-Yet-Titled CPrint courtesy of Sue de Beer and Marianne Boesky Gallery

This fall issue of CRUSHfanzine is dedicated to the various approaches of “sex appeal”. “Sex Appeal“ profiles various talents which exude the raw energy that allures, enchants and effortlessly drive our obsessions. Throughout this issue, readers are re-introduced to acclaimed cultural icons and they will meet new personalities which will soon become favorites.

Within the pages of “Sex Appeal”, each person was asked a few questions about nostalgic moments in their lives. Many of the subjects were chosen because they hold a certain place in our psyche and they are
personal favorites of the photographers. Those being featured represent the worlds of art, music, film, literature and design.

“Sex Appeal” takes the readers through a slight narrative in a series of individually titled chapters: Music Is My Boyfriend, Emmanuelle, Ethan’s DNA, The Object of Their Affection, Sessions, I Still Love You, Under My Skin, In Sintesi, Great Expectations, Suddenly Last Summer and Brief Encounters.

CRUSHfanzine’s “Sex Appeal” will be launched with special events in resident cities New York and Paris. For the New York event, Le Bain at the Standard Hotel will host a release party on September 6th with a guest DJs Casey Spooner and Honey Dijon.

Foam #35 Lust Summer 13 : Overwhelming desire, intense eagerness, limitless hedonism .

A new sense of  tossed off chic via Maxime BallesterosA new sense of tossed off chic via Maxime Ballesteros

"The original sin still keeps the world turning. And let's be honest: life would be horribly boring without it"


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Taste is a dictatorship.


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