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Anna Sew Hoy

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Art Beat: Mr. Briscoe Goes To Hollywood

Mr Ghurron's LA Art MomentMr Ghurron's LA Art Moment

TI's art correspondent Mr. Briscoe was in Los Angeles last weekend covering the LA Art Fair, the Rosson Crow opening at the Honor Fraser Gasllery, and the LA scene in general . After meeting up in Chinatown with painter/girlfriend Katherine Bernhardt of Canada Gallery NYC and sculptor Anna Sew Hoy of Karyn Lovegrove Gallery LA, Mr Briscoe kicked off his art tour . (Anna Sew Hoy currently has an exhibition titled Hook& Eye which is reviewed this month in Artforum) The trio took in the electric folk sounds of the Holy Shit band at Dan Hugs Gallery,and from there all the scenesters met up at Hop Luie Bar & Lounge to be seen, have drinks and chat about the scene.
Saturday Morning Mr.Briscoe had breakfast at Chateau Marmont with artist Micheal Williams who was in town promoting his painting at the Canada Booth for the LA Art Fair as well as with Katherine. Suzanne Bulter, the administrative director of Canada Gallery also joined them for breakfast. Sighted at the Chateau Marmont were actors Jason Schwartzman, Kevin Dillion and Terrance Stamp.
While on the LA scene Mr. Briscoe loved the conceptual store OK, for its diverse collection of literature, music, cermanics, and interior design pieces.

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