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New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2008

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Sketches Of Rad's SS08 collectionSketches Of Rad's SS08 collection

OK. Its official. I'm reporting for casting duties. Now how can we make this

Pablo Ravazzani Photographs Rad Hourani F/W 2008

By 1.30 pm, Fri Feb 8th, the Fall/Winter 2008 Rad Hourani was done. Rad, Hung Vanno (make-up and emotional motivation) Nicholas Grasa (stylist ) and their team had worked relentlessly hard on crafting a very dedicated vision. As its casting director I'm too close to deliver any kind of critical verdict on it, but I do know I apreciate Rad's indulgence in allowing a daring follow through on an exclusive engagement for Sunniva and a newcomer I considered to be a beautiful bookend, Camille to walk the show. I also loved the loyalty Rad as a newcomer inspired in prompting agents to give him two other girls, Rena and Kathleen also for his show in NY only. Behind the scenes there was lots of drama and screaming and... uhmm moments of "coming together" on my part. In that regard I'd like to extend my total gratitude to first and foremost, Paul Rowland and the team at Supreme and to Karina @ IMG, Michael Schwartz @ Women, Heinz Holba, George and Christopher @NY Models, Neal Hamil and Roman @Elite, Tammy @Next, Duane@ Trump, Sonny@One, Cheri@Marilyn and David @ Major. A big shout out goes to MDC's Betty Sze who was invaluable the entire week. I also am grateful to TI's latest contributing photographer, Pablo Ravazzani for snapping these backstage pics. They allowed me to see the clothes with a clean and clear new eye. I think they are incredibly appropriate as the photographic style of Pablo's pictures is totally in sync with the graphic precision that drives Rad's work .

Rad Hourani FW 08: PH: Pablo Ravazzani: Julia: WomenRad Hourani FW 08: PH: Pablo Ravazzani:Julia: Women

How To Come Together: Part One

Marc Jacobs knows a thing or two about coming togetherMarc Jacobs knows a thing or two about coming together


Rad Hourani FW 08Rad Hourani FW 08

I've been getting quite a few emails about the whens and the wheres of Rad's upcoming NY show. Well voila your first peek of the invite. The mock-up of the envelope TI saw was quite ravishing too. We start the official casting, tmrw the 23rd and for a change I'm actually look forward to those duties. Stay tuned!

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