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Eileen Ford

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"Opinions are not numbers. Numbers don't lie.""Opinions are not numbers. Numbers don't lie."

I just finished reading Robert Lacey's wry biography of Eileen Ford. Once you stop to consider what this woman and her husband did, which is to build what we know as the modern modeling industry from scratch, it's as if their lives coalesce into a kind of cultural destiny.

"Model Woman: Eileen Ford and the Business of Beauty", is a must read of a life history that justifies the Vogue Paris, NY Times and Vanity Fair tributes that poured in upon Mrs. Ford passing last year. But the book begs the question of what would an Eileen Ford make of the industry, if she were operating within its limits today. Reality TV reality, social media celebrity, Instagram would her calculating mind reconcile these variables to her business practice.

I was at Le Petit Four on Sunset Plaza circulating the idle hiss about a former Gucci model who had relocated to LA in a smart act of rebranding, when I got immersed in a dialogue about management LA style, ( where such an occupation takes on life and death proportions.) The fashion driven but market conscious manger was updating me that he was swiveling his strategy away from the "blank manques" to the "slashers". For the details of that I go to the i-Phone transcript…


Mrs Eileen Ford photographed by Michael SchwartzMrs Eileen Ford photographed by Michael Schwartz

"Grace was a big part of the in crowd in London. I don't recall plucking her eyebrows and if I did hers were the only eyebrows I ever did pluck. She was marvelous and a really great model but she cut off her hair. It was way too short, in my opinion. That I do remember. Grace has had a great career and she is a great editor. One of the best, actually. I never doubted her greatness. I did however, doubt her short hair."

Eileen Ford on Grace Coddington


Several Paris-based agencies are  re-positioning their  ships to head straight to the big bounty markets of NYSeveral Paris-based agencies are re-positioning their ships to head straight to the big bounty markets of NY

There is a certain clever big brand agency that has owners who admonish their staff to stay relevant when it comes to global financial news. That staff is required to be aware of all that dull matter as seen in the gray margins of...”The Financial Times”…“The Wall Street Journal” ..”Bloomberg News” .

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Taste is a dictatorship.


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