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High priestess of chic rock Pop: PH Sebastian Faena  Image via tfsHigh priestess of chic rock Pop: PH Sebastian Faena Image via tfs

High priestesses, Agyness! Naomi! Amber!Jourdan!Natalia! Oluchi in Prada for the new Pop!

The Ever Shifting Inez and Vinoodh Show

Angela Lindvall: PH: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for Purple Spring/Summer 2008Angela Lindvall: PH: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for Purple Spring/Summer 2008

It was the McQueen after-party. The trade in hiss was heavy. My jaw was dropping every three lines or so as my brain stored the details for later use. The thing about trading hiss is you have to give some to get some. So I put forth the news posted here on TI that Inez and Vinoodh had flown Art and Commerce to take up with the new agency, The Collective Shift. My fellow trader-as they say in NY-gagged, choked, sputtered and coughed. "WHAT!!!!", he exclaimed. I had won the duel. Thank you my sweet anonymous poster for that particular grenade. It's war in the trenches of Paris gossip you know.

The Power Eye! The Stylists With The Influence

Stylists: The Interpreters Of Fashion: Rizzoli 2007Stylists: The Interpreters Of Fashion: Rizzoli 2007

The talk this week? Rachel Zoe's bold claim about possibly being more influential than Anna Wintour. The cabal is in a frenzy at this sacrilege. Its the best fashion sound byte since “We don't get out of bed for less than 10,000 a day” But given the high altitude Rachel now lives at (and the corresponding lack of oxygen) Rachel Zoe is entitled to be as megalomaniac as she wants to be. I mean maybe she means more influential in malls...or more influential with the 18 and unders. There is even a rumor in circulation that Zoe has first pull at Calvin. A rumor probably...possibly started by the Zoe camp. But it gets you thinking. Whose eyes, tastes, preferences inform the idea of what is fashion now? And how does the tastes and preferences (and talent) of these forces affect how fashionable women dress? . I spent my entire Saturday ringing up some kids in the trade to form an informal style council. Not only was Wintour with her fashion funds, speed dial to billionaire CEO's and Met Costume Balls PR machines in another universe of influence, the conclusion was there were easily 5 forces in the world of styling who could eat Zoe for lunch...and use her ribcage as toothpicks.

Grace Coddington:


MIA's Boyz: Kingston RulesMIA's Boyz: Kingston Rules

THEY (The NY Times, W, MTV) are mainstreaming her like a mother but The Imagist lives and dies for MIA as the most now, most forward fashion icon around. And we're not going to quit cheerleading till the best artist of this dance music moment cops several major fash mag covers. The more units she moves, the closer we get to the dream. Why do we live ? The shortlist:

*Because she dared to venture deep into downtown Kingston (Jamaica W.I) assembling an army of eighty of the island's best (that is to say -most energetic) dancehall kings, cut them loose and then played spectator in her spectacular video for Boyz.

*And she dragged Carri Mundane of Cassete Playa along for the chi-chi bus ride. Kingston Boyz +Cassette Playa= inspirational styling madness. See the " making of" Boyz video at youtube.

*Because she cuts up her own outfits, her own artwork and graphics and come to think of it...her own sonic productions. Very multi-culti global urban Day-glo DIY .

*Because when in NY she chills in Bed Sty. Do or die MIA!

* Cuz Kala is the album of the year.Join our cult today . Available on itunes right now !

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