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Private As The New Sexy At Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Presents Retracing the Trunk from Louis Vuitton on Vimeo.

Wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall when the House of Vuitton has one of its meetings on its advertising and marketing strategies over the next year or so? As a consumer you're not supposed to even sense that there is construction and strategy behind it all. All you have to do is be convinced, seduced and then spend.

Eagerly Anticipating: The Museum Of Modern Art's Bjork Retrospective

Björk - All is Full of Love from Joshave on Vimeo.

"Bjork is an extraordinaryly innovative artist whose contributions to contemporary music, video, film, fashion, and art has had a major impact on her generation worldwide."

Klaus Bisenbach. Chief Curator-At-Large at MoMA and Director at MoMA PS1.

TI Is Mad For: The Kinetic Skin Wall : At Elements Of Architecture: Venice Biennale 2014

Kinetic skin wall at elements of architecture exhibition , Venice Biennale ,2014 from amandabaillieu on Vimeo.

In the Elements of Architecture portion of the Venice Biennale, Rem Koolhaas has defined 15 fundamental elements, such as ceilings, floors, stairs, and walls. The latter has a particularly impressive kinetic skin wall by Germany's Barkow Leibinger.

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