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The Prada Praxis

Adina/IMG: Girl 1 Prada SS:08Adina/IMG: Girl 1 Prada SS:08

Well its finally over..that ne plus ultra of Spring 08 shows. The Prada army wheeled down the catwalk some six hours ago and who was Girl 1? None other than IMG's mysterious Adina Forisz, a girl both seen and unseen over the past month. In the entertaining battle of the new faces IMG answered back with 6 newbies on Madame Prada's catwalk for a grand total of 14 girls in the cabine. My inbox at MDC is full of exclusive videos so check out my homebase tommorow morning for a clear look at IMG's new generation? Very well! Now we can turn our thoughts to Paris and the last big "make or break " on the calender, The Balenciaga.

Prada's New NouveauPrada's New Nouveau

I got a text this morning that said “What did you think of the clothes?” . Weirdly enough, I didn't have an opinion then. My mind was totally thrown. All I could think to text back was “Flashback Prada”. But I finally got a chance to think about it and so this is my true two cents.

CURRENT VIEWING: The Djarleeing Limited!

Still from The Djarleeing Limited: Fox Searchlight PicturesStill from The Djarleeing Limited: Fox Searchlight Pictures

The beautiful men's suiting in varying shades of gray played against the searing reds and orange of India...The kooky "Vuitton" luggage by Marc Jacobs ... Anjelika Huston, Waris Ahluwalia AND Natalie Portman in supporting roles...It is a wrap ! We're off to a screening of Wes Anderson's " The Darjeeling Express" fully convinced that this movie is going to be a huge influence on the FW 08 presentations in Europe next January. You can never go wrong with Wes anyway, he of the beautiful and peculiar men's suits, the brilliant choices of Paris hotels (Le Raphael on Avenue Kebler) and the always enviable casting. Bet the soundtrack is going to be pure wickedness too.

PS: Said "Kooky Vuitton" luggage can be yours via a silent auction benefiting UNICEF and the Rawal Mallinathji Foundation, a medical treatment charity in India. Place your bids immediately at a Vuitton store near you.

Lara Stone Phone Home!

Lara Stone for CK Beauty: Photographed by David SimsLara Stone for CK Beauty: Photographed by David Sims

The kids at TI's sister site just posted this hot to death shot of Ms Lara Stone profiling for the CK beauty line. How jealous are we of that scoop. TI loves Lara Stone. Not just for the modeling thing but because she's so...not worried. A friend of mine who worked the door at The Box told me about the night Lara showed up in typical "whatever" style." Whatever " jeans, "whatever" T-shirt. Scuffed kicks. Lank hair. Very East Village 1994. But its Lara Stone, so of course he sweeps her in. One of the managers stomps up to him seconds later and yells " Who was that grungy chick? Why'd you let her in!" My friend answered "Go stand at the corner of Lafayette and Broadway and look up at the CK Jeans billboard . That might give you a clue" . Classic Lara. There are girls who have been working for all of two years who are already calling from the back seat of their cars commanding that they're not into shooting today and could the car please turn around and take them back home. But not Lara. She knows what it is like not to be most wanted. She commits to the camera each and every time. Runway is another question but she's the first to tell you it is not a great love of hers. We Q+A'd her for Spur this summer and she kept it so real. Here are some choice moments of Lara's dry dry humor.

WS: How long have you been modeling Lara?
LS: Too long (laughs).For about seven years now starting from 2000.

Ghurron Briscoe's Artscope: Day 2

Mr Chris Ofili Ph:Ghurron BriscoeMr Chris Ofili Ph:Ghurron Briscoe

TI's always elegant art correspondent Ghurron Briscoe swung by the Chris Ofili opening at the David Zwirner gallery and made Mr. Ofili's acquaintance. The David Zwirner gallery issued this press release regarding the event.

Opening on September 20, 2007, David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by artist Chris Ofili, who lives and works in Trinidad. This will be the artist’s debut solo exhibition at David Zwirner and the first to unite his work in painting, sculpture, printmaking, and graphite drawing. A fully-illustrated catalogue will be published by Steidl/David Zwirner in conjunction with the exhibition.

The exhibition title, Devil’s Pie, is derived from singer-songwriter D’Angelo’s 1998 lyrical meditation on temptation and retribution, reaffirming the artist’s longstanding relationship with music, especially hip-hop sounds and culture, as well as his continued exploration of Biblical themes. According to the song, the ingredients of this metaphorical dish include “materialistic, greed and lust, jealousy, envious/bread and dough, cheddar cheese, flash and stash, cash and cream.” While addressing specific aspects of the black urban experience, the song maintains a universal significance, questioning the nature of sin, desire, and redemption. Similarly, in its diverse references and inextricable dichotomies, Ofili’s work functions as a magnet for viewers’ own meanings, ideas, or arguments and encourages them to disagree freely, even with themselves.

The Hedi Cult

Photography by Hedi Slimane for hedislimane.comPhotography by Hedi Slimane for

"The seasonal collections don't relate to anything anymore because everything is on the Web in a second. Because it is impossible to adapt the logistics, the fashion business is running to keep up with fashion. Once upon a time all that made sense, but not any more."
Hedi Slimane to Le Monde

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

Birth Of Venus : 2002 : DelawareBirth Of Venus : 2002 : Delaware

Right this sec TI is obssesed with the work of Delaware and their "motion paintings". Remember now- these Japanese iconoclasts are not artists- they are "artoonists". See more at Look for "popcorn motion paintings". Also, be sure to get into the music. M. Sama+a's "Password Blues" is beyond genius!

The Power Eye! The Stylists With The Influence

Stylists: The Interpreters Of Fashion: Rizzoli 2007Stylists: The Interpreters Of Fashion: Rizzoli 2007

The talk this week? Rachel Zoe's bold claim about possibly being more influential than Anna Wintour. The cabal is in a frenzy at this sacrilege. Its the best fashion sound byte since “We don't get out of bed for less than 10,000 a day” But given the high altitude Rachel now lives at (and the corresponding lack of oxygen) Rachel Zoe is entitled to be as megalomaniac as she wants to be. I mean maybe she means more influential in malls...or more influential with the 18 and unders. There is even a rumor in circulation that Zoe has first pull at Calvin. A rumor probably...possibly started by the Zoe camp. But it gets you thinking. Whose eyes, tastes, preferences inform the idea of what is fashion now? And how does the tastes and preferences (and talent) of these forces affect how fashionable women dress? . I spent my entire Saturday ringing up some kids in the trade to form an informal style council. Not only was Wintour with her fashion funds, speed dial to billionaire CEO's and Met Costume Balls PR machines in another universe of influence, the conclusion was there were easily 5 forces in the world of styling who could eat Zoe for lunch...and use her ribcage as toothpicks.

Grace Coddington:

Current Listening: Kudu: Death Of The Party

Death Of The Party: Nublu RecordsDeath Of The Party: Nublu Records

Dear Kudu! When is a new album coming ? We miss you and are feeling nostalgic for those fantastic party nights you gave us last Spring! You smashed it at the 2006 Winter Music Conference and shone as one the leading lights of that whole Nublu lounge scene. Its criminal that ( lead singer ) Sylvia hasn't become , as one reviewer predicted "the next Karen O" but we know there's still time. 2006's "Death Of The Party" is still banging and in fact as TI writes this "Bar Star" is throbbing on the headphones.

The sick shoe at Marc Jacobs SS08 via style.comThe sick shoe at Marc Jacobs SS08 via

Also Slyvia luv, you were a year ahead on your sick shoe statements. Love. TI.

Modelspotting, Art Barons and The Face Of The Zeroes

Gemma Ward : In the Days When She Walked ShowsGemma Ward : In the Days When She Walked Shows

At Haru while having lunch with the nicest model manager you could imagine, the following happened. As usual, the talk had turned to agency gossip. Not malicious, or particularly competitive but just...idle. " Yeah and Gemma Ward's been looking particularly happy these days". he said in a fairly loud voice, "Cause as we all know she's not always the happiest camper" I sat facing the door, so I could see, literally as he spoke the approaching figure of...Gemma Ward, in these little denim hot pants and a totally non-descript tank top with that model staple, an army coat thrown over it. She looked great, tall and slimmer than the last time we glimpsed her with long tousled blonde hair, looking very much like a beautiful teenaged tourist. She was with her IMG agent. I completely blanched and my lunch companion followed my eyeline to its conclusion. At that point we burst out laughing.If this were a scene in a movie, the audience would go..."Yeah Right!" Poor Gemma probably felt over scrutinized at this point and whether under the weight of our gaze or by pure chance, Maja and Gemma soon elected to take an outside table. I waved hello as they went by and left it at that.

Ghurron Briscoe's Artscope

Paul P in PersonPaul P in Person

Mr Ghurron Briscoe is back on the beat popping into the Salon 94 Freeman's Alley bash with Huma Bhabba and then at Paul P's Printed Matter launch party for his new monograph "Nonchaloir". And he nabbed a picture of TI's latest art crush, Marilyn Minter.

Paul P's NonchaloirPaul P's Nonchaloir

The Magnificent Marilyn Minter with a friend  at Salon 94's Freeman Alley partyThe Magnificent Marilyn Minter with a friend at Salon 94's Freeman Alley party

Huma Bhabba with husband Jason Fox  at Salon 94's Freeman Alley eventHuma Bhabba with husband Jason Fox at Salon 94's Freeman Alley event

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