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The Independent Miss Meghan

Meghan Collison: Photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia Oct 07Meghan Collison: Photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia Oct 07

Our fave new model star is all over the stands of NY with her October cover of Vogue Italia. TI loves that this strong girl who reads so "edge" in person has been glossed up by Meisel to render one of the most glamorous mag covers of the year thus far. We Q+A'd the Supreme beauty back in August for Spur magazine and here's the abridged translation of what was Miss Meghan's first ever interview. My best memory about it was how completely unaffected she was as well as the incredible life force in Meghan's eyes. She's headed a looooong way from small city shopping malls is all we have to say.

Wayne Sterling:I love your haircut Meghan! It is so cool and perfect for you. Did Paul do it?

Meghan Collison : Nope. I've had this can look back at pictures when I was three years old...almost my whole life. The only thing that really changed is it just got longer and longer. I went through that "lets grow a bang phase" that all the girls did in grade six but my phase went on right into high school.

WS: Speaking of being a little girl, where did you grew up?

MC: I grew up in a place called Edmonton in Canada. Edmonton, Like the Edmonton Oilers..the hockey team. We have the biggest mall in the world there Its owned by the same people who own Mall Of America. Its huge. I love it though. I love shopping there.

WS: Which makes for a perfect segue, the legend is you were scouted in a shopping mall.

Get Into The InterMix

A selection of EAIA selection of EAI

You go to an art gallery and glimpse a piece of brilliant video art. How show-stopping would it be to have this masterpiece unspooling on your 50 inch flat screen at your next dinner party? But how to find the right work with the right pedigree? Electronic Arts Intermix to the rescue. As a non-profit resource for video and interactive art, EAI has a database of 175 artists and 3000 works including recent works by Cory Archangel, Michael Bell Smith and Charles Atlas . Even if you're not in the market for buying, boy are there tons of graphic design ideas brewing here. Check it out at

Campaign Trail SS08

But who will meet the unstinting  Prada camapign standards this season?But who will meet the unstinting Prada camapign standards this season?

The frenzy of the runway is done and so the fashion sweepstakes switch to the campaign platform. Which models will explode as new stars for SS 08? Is there another Catherine McNeil, a first season girl who goes on to corner 4 campaigns, waiting in the margins? Or are we to be treated to the joy of fresh faced beauties like Irina K and Anabela flitting through bookings for Prada and Balenciaga. Not likely, because as we noted earlier celebs like Jennifer Connolly, Posh Spice and Claudia Schiffer are already circling the campaigns for Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs and Chanel respectively. Natalia Vodianova, back in fighting condition only mere weeks after having her third child is ready to battle for her blue chip bookings now that she will not be doing Calvin Klein Collection SS08. TI sees Valentino, Lagerfeld Gallery and Missoni in her sights. Otherwise Calvin is spoken for. Gucci is spoken for. Burberry is looking very familiar (I mean how many blue chip Brit babes are there anyway?) Lanvin is calling up its recruits even as we speak and the YSL...well let's just say it will continue to be peculiar. And so that means...

Rad Hourani: Top 10 Up and Comer

Rad Hourani SS 08Rad Hourani SS 08

Ok I promise to stop being obsessive abt. our beloved Rad but TI just wanted to congratulate him on hitting via its list of 10 most promising up and comers. But you knew that would happen 6 weeks ago no?

Current Listening: Trash Fashion:Mom n Daddy EP

Trash Fashion: Mom n Daddy EPTrash Fashion: Mom n Daddy EP

Trash Fashion :The Spice Girls Wish!

My London massive turned me onto the majestic messiness of Trash Fashion, a band so wrong, they made it right. Want to carry the vibe of Bistroteque and Boombox around on your phones? Trash Fashion will give it you . TI just loves how this bunch looks like four average blokes who got up into their girlfriends make-up kit and then started living the myth. I mean a haircut really can lead your life astray ! As for the music? . Myspace them and you'll hear for ya self what a Guntronic-Disco-Warehouse-Rock band might sound like.I'm so playing this ish at our next LA party!

Trash Fashion: Mom n Daddy EPTrash Fashion: Mom n Daddy EP

The critics say:

"self-consciously now"

"Convincingly menacing and cute, Trash Fashion are The Motley Crew meets The Muppet Show with a splash of Beastie Boys chucked in the mix "
Super Super

"Trash Fashion reeks of east London trendiness...they may yet prove to be a scam!"

Reference Library: The Editorial That Changed Everything !

Kate Moss in The Face Photographed by Corinne DayKate Moss in The Face Photographed by Corinne Day

Ladies and gentlemen, the latest Reference Library from contributer Max regarding Kate Moss' seminal cover of The Face that launched the grunge/anti-model/ultra-realness school of 90's fashion.

Current Reading:Nancy Cunard: Heiress, Muse, Political Idealist: Columbia University Press by Lois Gordon

Nancy Cunard:Heiress, Muse, Political Idealist: Lois Gordon: Columbia PressNancy Cunard:Heiress, Muse, Political Idealist: Lois Gordon: Columbia Press

Yes I confess, TI is a bit of a Nancy Cunard cultist. As much as she would probably have hated the idea, Madame Cunard keeps bobbing up as a reference point in the fashion trade . As recently as two years ago, Ralph Lauren of all people used her as a touchstone in his FW 05 campaign and both Vogue Italia and L'Uomo Vogue have been known to invoke her as an icon.

I love her literary biography "These Were The Hours", about her years as a publisher and today I'm locked in the house with Lois Gordon's masterful new biography on NC. Fluid, detailed and a little worshipful (even I have to admit Nancy's poetry was NOT the kismet), Gordon's overview of Cunard's life is a must buy nonetheless. It is chockfull of brilliant tid bits, like King George changing the family name of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to "Windsor" during the anti-Hun frenzy of WW1, as well as great stories of Nancy's laison with the original Imagist, Ezra Pound.

That's just for starters. Cunard tallied with modernist literary icons like T.S Eliot and Wyndham Lewis. The summary at the American Library Review says it all. "Scandalous, gifted, and, in her own tormented way, heroic, Cunard blazed brightly at the epicenter of a brutal yet creative epoch." I love this woman. If she had had a great-grandaughter I'd have hunted her down with a marriage proposal. It would have kept the family tradition going, no?

Let The Children Play

The sculpted baldie fade isThe sculpted fade is back !

Let the children play
Let them have their way

Ellos tienen que jugar
Ellos tienen que jugar

Let the children play
Lyrics from Santana:

Know what I love most about this Myspace generation of kids? The mass cultural narcissism of picking up a cameraphone or a digital camera and posting an image of yourself, right there in the bloom of your youth. It is a really brilliant moment for self-portraiture . They're not waiting for anybody mainstream to justify their style. The kids are doing IT for themselves. I love that the urban digital kids are creating this incredible document of their hairstyles and tattoos and mad little styling ideas with bandanas and sunglasses and 80's vintage looks . When the Zeroes are done I think its going to be an incredible database. For the first time we'll be able to look back on a youth culture the way that youth culture saw itself. It is sort of like Jamel Shabazz's "Back In The Day" but via an electronic medium by the subjects themselves. I love too that the NY digital kids have come up with a look that flies in the face of hip-hop convention. Yes thug style still persists with the white T's and baggy Levi's and fresh tan Tims but on the streets of deep Brooklyn radical kids are rocking skintight blue cordorouys, with these candy colored basketball kicks and these brightly coloured tight t-shirts.

Current Listening: Digitalism:Pogo

Digitalism: IdealismDigitalism: Idealism

TI is deeply in love with Digitalism right this min. The "Pogo" track with its "something in the air" chorus has been banging on the Boses as TI goes from airport to airport. "Idealistic" is the song every DJ has been killing at every damn Fash Week bash but the fresh remixes of this anthem (especially the "Who Made Who Reinterpretation" and "Hystero ReBrand") has us hooked. Myspace em now....Otherwise stay tuned for news from our London cronies as they crash The Frieze Art Fair festivities while we spend the night with W's new Art Issue. It is really really good this year, begging the question, has the art world finally outflanked the fashion world in the cultural glamour sweepstakes? Stay tuned but we're feeling like we're in the right place at the right time.And it is an exciting time to boot.

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