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Galarie Almine Rech: Perfect Stranger:Hedi SlimaneGalarie Almine Rech: Perfect Stranger:Hedi Slimane

The Hedi art velocity continues! Opening November 28th 2007.


Liquid Sky Poster :1982Liquid Sky Poster :1982

Confession: I have never watched this film with the volume on because somwhere during the first attempt the combination of the squealing Fairlight CMI soundtrack and the bad line delivery by the actors fried my nerve endings. But simply stripped back to the visuals, Liquid Sky is brilliant and a must see for any disciple of the day-glo, NuRave, New Neon club and street culture welling up right now in the late-Zeroes. Nevermind the plot... which has something to do with aliens in minature flying saucers feeding off the endorphins emitted from the brains of Early-80's scensters during heroin highs or sexual climax.

Anne Carlisle as "Jimmy" in Liquid SkyAnne Carlisle as "Jimmy" in Liquid Sky

The Club Kids Club Back!

Andre J +Carolyn Murphy /IMG: Vogue Paris: Nov 07: Bruce WeberAndre J +Carolyn Murphy /IMG: Vogue Paris: Nov 07: Bruce Weber

Fashion shall not live by fashion alone. It needs to eat art and music and the new bands and the new kids in the clubs if it is to stay current. Now that downtown denizen Andre J is riding the cover of November's Vogue Paris, will that clinch his long pending record deal? It's bound to go No 1 on the English charts, no? I hope Inez and Vinoodh will really do the video...But how did this whole subversion of what fashion is or isn't come about? It's all Joe McKenna's idea said Andre to about a week ago. McKenna put Andre in touch with Bruce Weber, (it's an All Bruce All The Time editorial well this month ) Carine Roitfeld went... hmmmm and the rest is history..

The Delicate Lash: The Art of Carol Bove

Carol Bove: Driscoll Garden: Installation 105 X 197 X 81.5Carol Bove: Driscoll Garden: Installation 105 X 197 X 81.5

Carol Bove is one of my favorite multi-media artist for reasons both superficial and not so superficial. Because she is so delicate in her touch , it is easy to to get caught in the light sweep of her visuals but there is some serious bite in her references to the radical politics (sexual and otherwise) of the 60's and 70's. I'd give a left arm for one of her elegantly etched ink drawings but even more gripping are her installations.

Now here is where the superficial part comes in. I'm dreaming of a new pad as a counterpoint to my NY place (preferably in LA) and I'd love for it to look like a full on Carol Bove installation. It took five decades for the bourgeoisie to integrate abstract paintings into their everyday living rooms. I'm sure that in the future, every good orthodontist's wife will need a good conceptual "intervention" in the middle of the mid-cent mod split level. And Carol Bove's shelvings and hangings will be her text book.

Current Listening: Calvin Harris:Merrymaking At My Place

Calvin Harris: I Created Disco:Calvin Harris: I Created Disco:

Had a lunchtime meet with Scott Lipps at 1 Mgmt today. Scotty always knows what's new and now in music. I said "Name that one group/band/song/ that is ruling it right now". Scott knows I'm an ex-club kid and lifetime dancehead and recommended Calvin Harris "I Created Disco" . "Very you," he assured. "Merrymaking At My Place" is getting played a lot at places like The Rose Bar down at The Gramercy he assured. I Myspaced Calvin Harris and like the wiggle of his boogie. And I love his mythology. Nice Scottish boy from Dumfries becomes ill as a teen, locks himself in his room for two years and starts to make dream dance music on his ancient Amiga computer. He works at the local supermarket saving enough to move to London. London proves to be so expensive he works all the time and makes no dosh , so moves back (tail between legs) to Dumfries. He almost gives up, but gives the dream one more try, even warbling on his new tracks. He puts em up on Myspace in 2005. Next thing you know he draws a manager, Pete Tong starts banging "The Girls" in his sets, Columbia signs Calvin up and Kylie's people call up to write some tracks ("Into My Arms", "Heartbeat Rock") for the new album. Now the boy is a superstar producer with a band and everything. I find all this truly inspiring. If it is all a hustle its all the more genius for it!

The Image That Sells

Are you buying it? Kinee/NY Models as the apotheosis of chic. Marcus Hill/Major as the embodiment know.Are you buying it? Kinee/NY Models as the apotheosis of chic. Marcus Hill/Major as the embodiment know.


Katherine Bernhardt at Chanel on E 64thKatherine Bernhardt at Chanel on E 64th

The E. 64th Street Chanel store threw open its doors last Thursday to Katherine Bernhardt and her vivid paintings which filled the luxury emporium from door to column to wall. Katherine's fun circle was out in full force to celebrate including our art correspondent Ghurron Briscoe and fellow artist Jayson Keeling who nabbed these snaps with his mighty Leica. Despite the very strong drinks that night. To see more of this rising painter's work contact Canada, her NY gallery. After the Chanel stamp, Katherine's sure to be sizzling among the fashion industry art heads.

Melissa Levin of LMCC and  artist Jason Irwin at Katherine Bernhardt at Chanel on E 64th PartyMelissa Levin of LMCC and artist Jason Irwin at Katherine Bernhardt at Chanel on E 64th Party

Katherine Bernhardt at Chanel /E 64th PartyKatherine Bernhardt at Chanel /E 64th Party

Things unsaid. Things unread. The True IMG Men's story.

Clement: IMG's Men (soon to be P.I.W)Clement: IMG's Men (soon to be P.I.W)

In college they warned us that information was going to be THE hot currency of the 21st century. The man with the most information wins, was the thought... So here I sit at my desk awaiting a massive scoop for MDC. I'm staring, right this second at a breaking press release from the PR firm Onorato and Wixom regarding the purchase of the IMG Men's division by a group of private investors, in order to forge a new company as a partnership between former-CAA powerhouse Kevin Iwashina and the venerable (ex)IMG head Chris Forberg. I met earlier today with Chris and Kevin Apana and it is all system's go on the new property, Public Image Worldwide. I'm awaiting a phone call at 4.00pm from Mr Iwashina for a quick Q+A to go with the Of The Minute piece which we're drafting right now. We hope to be the first to break the details of this new partnership and we have to say, we're happy for all involved.TI can't wait to see the twin engines of this new shop fired up between NY+LA. The smart money says, book a first class ticket on this relationship now. Stay tuned!

Kara Walker's New Silhouette

A gorgeous wall of written text by Kara WalkerA gorgeous wall of written text by Kara Walker

Artist Jayson Keeling ventured to the opening of the new Kara Walker show last Saturday at Markerz Sikkema Jenkins and Company and came back with a bonanza of gorgeous images. The show runs from October 20-Nov 21 and is titled" Bureau of Refugees, Freeman and Abandoned Lands- Records "Miscellaneous Papers" National Archives M809, Roll 23. Search for ideas supporting the Black Man as a work of Modern Art/Contemporary Paintings: a death without end, and an appreciation of the creative spirit of Lynch Mobs; "

Kara Walker at Markerz, Sikkema,Jenkins & Co.Kara Walker at Markerz, Sikkema,Jenkins & Co.

Kara Walker at Markerz, Sikkema, Jenkins & Co.Kara Walker at Markerz, Sikkema, Jenkins & Co.

The Legend of Kristen McMenamy

Kristen McMenamy: Photo: Vanity Fair 90'sKristen McMenamy: Photo: Vanity Fair 90's

In Paris this season when Kristen McMenamy came bounding out at the Givenchy SS08 with her signature madwoman-on-the go walk, one newbie was heard to exclaim, "Who's that old lady". Oh if only she knew. That old lady is a living legend, not only for the face, walk or poses but because of the entertainment she brought to the trade. Kristen has morphed from glamazon to androgyne to Career Woman back to glamazon into her Grand Dame incarnation this October. Here are our Top 10 Legendary Kristen Moments. She's so Marquess ( By way of Philadelphia)!

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