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Lawrence WEINER: As Far As The Eye Can See

Example Of A Lawrence Weiner Work Referring To An Art Piece Yet To Be BuiltExample Of A Lawrence Weiner Work Referring To An Art Piece Yet To Be Built

LA HAPPENING: Brian Lichtenberg Pop-Up Store

The Brain Litchenberg LookThe Brain Litchenberg Look

New High (M)art might only be 300 square feet but this petite storefront is set to pack quite a punch on the LA retail scene. The revolving door concept shop will feature "curated" one-time only boutiques and "thematic retail moments". Getting the party started right will be Silverlake's finest, Brian Lichtenberg known for his mix of one-off pieces and fantastic deadstock finds.Our beloved MIA is known to rock his pieces for her performances so that's endorsement enough for TI! Co-owned by Miko Ikeda and T-RIK, New High (M)art is yet another example of the brave new experiments young entrepreneurs are forging in the retail market. "The value of today's designer no longer simply resides in the lines they create season-to-season, but in every artifact of their personal taste" says T-RIK, whose background includes wardrobe styling, creative direction, and brand consulting. "This could be anything from a piece that didn't make it in a collection, the music they listen to, a photograph they've taken or the results of a shopping trip to Marrakesh. New High (M)art looks forward to sharing this other side with the public as well." Loving the concept and we're heading to the party guys! Stay tuned for more of TI's info blips live from Hollywood starting this weekend!

Inaugural Event: Fashion Darling Brian Lichtenberg's Pop-Up Store, November 3rd, 2007

Opening Reception
Saturday, November 3, 2007
8:00 PM
New High (M)art
741 New High Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Reference Library: LEGENDARY Vogue EDITORIAL

Nadja Auermann and Kirsten McMenamy in US Vogue: Ph: MeiselNadja Auermann and Kirsten McMenamy in US Vogue: Ph: Meisel

That legendary grunge moment in fashion ! That grunge collection of Marc Jacob's for Perry Ellis that got him fired (and sent him on the road to Vuitton). That incredible 1992 Meisel shoot for US Vogue that counts as one of the most legendary editorials of all time. Here's Max's latest installment from his reference library.

The year was 1992. Kate Moss, Corrine Day, Juergen Teller, David Sims are all on their way up and are creating a new style of fashion out of London via The Face and ID. How will the gatekeepers of cool in NY react? For Marc Jacobs, the style of American bands like Pearl Jam and Nirvana was like a gift from heaven, because with the music, came a very specific look. Marc takes the flannel and the thermals, the vintage dresses worn with combat boots and turns it into a deluxe collection in silk and cashmere with the prices to match. Steven Meisel takes the super-glamorous supermodels Nadja and Naomi and Kirsten and strips them of all the usual make-up for a very dressed down look. The Old Guard in fashion nearly lose their minds but the kids love it. It is one of the boldest statements ever seen in a mainstream magazine and that's why we rank it right up there as one of the fabulous editorials ever!

CURRENT READING: Felix GONZALEZ-Torres:Guggenheim Museum

Felix Gonzalez-Torres: Untitled: Canada: 1995Felix Gonzalez-Torres: Untitled: Canada: 1995

There are certain artists who come along with ideas that not only define, but also change their times. Warhol in the 60's . Beuys in the 70's. Koons for the 80's and this is where I get myself in trouble- Felix Gonzalez-Torres for the 90's. Yes, yes Damien Hirst is the monolithic art-star of that era but the aforementioned hall of fame is personal and idiosyncratic. The thing I love about Felix Gonzalez-Torres is that I grew up with his imagery in NYC yet had no idea who he was, in the same that Warhol, Beuys and Koons invaded and warped my consciousness before I even learnt to process the "cool images" as "art". That is the power of the greatest art. It confronts you at the strangest turn, even when you don't know its name. This is why I was so excited today at The Strand bookstore, when I found this legendary volume on Gonzalez-Torres, published by The Guggenheim Museum in 1995 on the occasion of his solo exhibition . It has long been out of print and was reissued by the Museum this year, when Gonzalez-Torres was chosen to represent the United States at the 2007 Venice Biennale.


Droog Milk Bottle LampDroog Milk Bottle Lamp

Try finding any period, designer or movement in furniture design that has not already been oversubscribed. Near impossible! Jet set smoked glass and chrome 60's modernism? Done to death. Memphis? Got 50K for a table? Mid-90's Droog?...Hang on...that's actually still recent enough on the radar to be nicely priced. So let's scoop up all the milk bottle lamps we can find.
Let's hoard up those Tejo Remy chest-of-drawers and break out the wobble glasses for what they're worth. Which in 10 years should be a lot more than their current going price. Best thing about these Droog pieces? They are right in sync with all the environmentally conscious buzzwords of The Zeroes. A milk bottle is recycling personified no? And how "found object/ready made" is the chest of drawers. Most convincing of all was Remy's Rag Chair that still shines through with a homemade "sustainable" charm. Ebaying all things Droog now.

Tejo Remy Chest Of DrawersTejo Remy Chest Of Drawers


Galarie Almine Rech: Perfect Stranger:Hedi SlimaneGalarie Almine Rech: Perfect Stranger:Hedi Slimane

The Hedi art velocity continues! Opening November 28th 2007.


Liquid Sky Poster :1982Liquid Sky Poster :1982

Confession: I have never watched this film with the volume on because somwhere during the first attempt the combination of the squealing Fairlight CMI soundtrack and the bad line delivery by the actors fried my nerve endings. But simply stripped back to the visuals, Liquid Sky is brilliant and a must see for any disciple of the day-glo, NuRave, New Neon club and street culture welling up right now in the late-Zeroes. Nevermind the plot... which has something to do with aliens in minature flying saucers feeding off the endorphins emitted from the brains of Early-80's scensters during heroin highs or sexual climax.

Anne Carlisle as "Jimmy" in Liquid SkyAnne Carlisle as "Jimmy" in Liquid Sky

The Club Kids Club Back!

Andre J +Carolyn Murphy /IMG: Vogue Paris: Nov 07: Bruce WeberAndre J +Carolyn Murphy /IMG: Vogue Paris: Nov 07: Bruce Weber

Fashion shall not live by fashion alone. It needs to eat art and music and the new bands and the new kids in the clubs if it is to stay current. Now that downtown denizen Andre J is riding the cover of November's Vogue Paris, will that clinch his long pending record deal? It's bound to go No 1 on the English charts, no? I hope Inez and Vinoodh will really do the video...But how did this whole subversion of what fashion is or isn't come about? It's all Joe McKenna's idea said Andre to about a week ago. McKenna put Andre in touch with Bruce Weber, (it's an All Bruce All The Time editorial well this month ) Carine Roitfeld went... hmmmm and the rest is history..

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