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Claudia Schiffer in Vogue Paris: August 2007Claudia Schiffer in Vogue Paris: August 2007

"I mean I'm not nervous when I walk onto the set for a photo-shoot because there is very little that's going to happen that hasn't happened before."
Claudia Schiffer to TI.

CURRENT VIEWING: Jean Jacques Beineix's DIVA

Jean Jacques Beineix's 1981 masterpiece "Diva"Jean Jacques Beineix's 1981 masterpiece "Diva"

Max strikes again, this time pulling up Jean Jacques Beineix's fantastic French masterpiece "Diva" as companion viewing to last week's posting for "Liquid Sky" . I love Max's hard fashion meets grad student style of analysis. Keep inspiring us please!

This movie, both in it's original theatrical incarnation release in 1981 as well as the newly re-released digital version by Rialto Films (in limited release at this time), is groundbreaking, pioneering and inspirational to members of the creative industries ( art, advertising, design, fashion, film, media, modeling, photography, etc.)

Here is a short list of the impact that this movie has had in terms of influence -

a. The script and concept of the movie was/is still very directional and pioneering because it featured a mix of old Europe/France/Paris (OPERA/OLD RIGHT BANK/RIVE DROITE PARIS) with the new Europe/France Paris (NEW WAVE/EARLY SYNTH MUSIC/POST PUNK/ARABIC/AFRICAN/VIETNAMESE COLONIAL CHARACTERS/INFLUENCES), leading to further French film productions such as LA HAIGHT, INDOCHINE, BETTY BLUE. The film was also, related by "kismet" with other ground breaking films such as "LIQUID SKY" and "BLADE RUNNER".

CURRENT LISTENING: VON SUDENFED: The Rhinohead from the "Tromatic Reflexxions" album

Von Sudenfed:Tromatic ReflexxionsVon Sudenfed:Tromatic Reflexxions

Mark E Smith is a godhead via his work with The Fall. Andi Toma and Jan St. Werner are figureheads via their work on all those instantly classic Mouse On Mars albums. The ungodly fusion these three spawned on the infamous "Wipe That Sound" 12 " remix resulted in this year's cult hit album "Tromatic Reflexxions". It might sound bizzare at first listen but the more you get into to tracks like "Speech Contamination/German Fear" the more you realize how charismatic Mark's voice is. He certainly put the Saxon back into the mix with that track. And who would have thought Mark E Smith had such a formidable trannie in him? Check out the video for the big hit "Fledermaus Can't Get It" on youtube. I laughed till the tears came. He could have had a career!

That Rad Hourani Look

Rad Hourani Look Book: SS08Rad Hourani Look Book: SS08

Future vistors to TI will discover that we are Rad Hourani completists. From the first Q+A, to the first look at his debut show and now his first look book, the archive will be here. I really really admire Rad's incredible visual discipline! Formidable!


LAX ART BENEFIT AUCTION: Sun Nov 4th 2007: Los AngelesLAX ART BENEFIT AUCTION: Sun Nov 4th 2007: Los Angeles

TI is about to take a spin through Los Angeles this weekend and it just so happens LAX Art, our go to source for navigating that booming scene, is having a benefit auction sponsored by Hermes on Sunday . There will be work from more than 100 artists including a John Baldessari print. Here are the details. Hoping to see all our LA massive there!

2640 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

4pm to 6pm

6pm to 7pm

7pm to 9pm

Presale VIP tickets $150
Regular price tickets $75
Bundle of 10 VIP tickets $1000

VIP ticket includes cocktail reception
Preview and presale artwork
Limited availability

To purchase tickets contact:
Aram Moshayedi
T.310.559.0166 or,
or send check to:
2640 South La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90034

For more information, visit

Scoop Du Jour: V 50 Cover: Raquel Zimmerman: All Editorials Star Ms Zimmerman Shot By David Sims Styled by Joe McKenna

Raquel Zimmerman is Spellbinding On the V50 cover.Raquel Zimmerman is Spellbinding On the V50 cover.

Voila the much buzzed about V 50 cover starring Raquel , freshly premiered at MDC. Massive for Raquel no?

The Foot Fetishist!

Raf Simons SS08 at style.comRaf Simons SS08 at

Home in on these Raf Simmons sneakers. Or are they hiking boots? Or moon shoes? Whatever they are TI's gotta have them. I' ll be haunting Seven in NY like a ghost until they get here!


Zeroes Hero: Patrick Wolf: The Magic PositionZeroes Hero: Patrick Wolf: The Magic Position

I was at a Halloween party last night and the host decided to have a "sensitive man" fest...David Bowie segued into Marc Almond which faded into Anthony &The Johnsons, climaxing with some vintage Patrick Wolf (Wind In The Wires) mixed with the latest Patrick Wolf. It was very strange party music I must say. I've resisted "The Magic Position" for months now but maybe because of all the dress up shenanigans that went down over the past 24 hrs I finally downloaded the album and got into the kitsch carnival spirit of the cover. And now that it has a context I love it. I think Patrick Wolf is going to be more than a fad. I think he's going to be a long distance runner and a great style icon. If The Imagist were in print he'd get a cover! Speaking of covers...Rufus Wainwright has model credentials now. He just signed with Public Image Worldwide. That just leaves Devendra Banhart, no?

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