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LA Models Austin: The Epitome Of the LA ideal PS Austin is NOT The Saint LA Models Austin: The Epitome Of the LA ideal PS Austin is NOT The Saint

Back in NY TI barely pays attention to the comings and the goings of male models. Betty Sze at the day job has that beat covered, but Thursday night, on the way back from the big Motorola extravanganza, I heard the most telling tale of the strange variations you get on male models. My chaperone for the night (for I am not allowed to roam LA unsupervised) is also an eagle-eyed young model scout specializing in the male market. For obvious reasons, there is a constant influx of beautiful kids into this city . He described the story of driving down this very strip of Sunset when he spotted this face on a young man that was straight out of a Pre-Raphaelite canvas. Car lurches to a stop. He goes up to the Pre-Raphaelite saint stuck in the form of a LA rocker/panhandler. The radiant beauty is huddled on the sidewalk with another friend, so unwashed, their clothes almost seem to slow-drip an oily black substance and you can almost see the flies spinning around their heads like a halo of sorts. They have a small dog. Its ribs are showing.
"Hello," says the scout. "I think you really should model.
" Do you have a buck so my dog could get some food," said The Saint.
"You think HE can be a model?" demands the Saint's grimy companion.
"Yes I do," says the scout. "I don't have a dollar on me right now but funny enough I'm on my way to the pet store so if you stay here I can bring back some food for your dog."


The Inspiration For The Well Titled "Green Door" club in LAThe Inspiration For The Well Titled "Green Door" club in LA

Well that was a lesson in the uselessness of preconceived notions. Last night at Green Door that is. The buzz had washed up on the shores of NY in broken bits and pieces..."Johnny Zander's Friday night...jammed w celebs"... "the front room draws upon images of Parisian coffee shops" "Heidi Klum's Halloween party".When that certain LA Overlord (one of those stealth forces who quietly controls a lot of wires behind the scene) said "C'mon on down", I did just that. After the programming I got from last season's hot spot, Hyde, I expected that behind the little green door would be the typical narrow little cave of a room with sagging thrift store furniture hiding its tawdriness in the dim night club light. Scattered around the room would be the full species of 'movie industry people"... and the hanger-ons who service them. Here is where the preconceived notions flew out the door. The Green Door is not a cave. Its a damn warehouse, redone in a mish-mosh of vintage styles that completely contradicts the scale of the place. The strangeness of that is perverse. A cosy and traditional design vocabulary installed in a massive and rambling space. Very odd. Velvet everywhere.. green velvet curtains, velvet couches, brocades, striped tenting "antiqued" paint treatments on the wall. Think The Gramercy's Rose Bar meets suburban kitsch.


The Vuitton store at the MOCA Murakami exhibit: NY TimesThe Vuitton store at the MOCA Murakami exhibit: NY Times

Now that fashion endorsements by Hollywood stars are as common as ragweed, progressive fashion makers are moving on. “To be perceived as cutting edge, they must make use of a different kind of celebrity,” said Ms. Currid, the author of the Warhol book. “They need an art star.”
Ruth La Ferla in The NY Times

Interesting (and inevitable) article in the NY Times Style Section today about the Louis Vuitton Store at the MOCA/Murakami exhibit. It makes the larger point that art, like celebrity is being spliced frantically into fashion's gene pool to keep the whole thing ticking. 1000 thoughts are unspooling . What if the art booms ends abruptly? What does the fashion world wants from art apart from pretty pictures and easy cachet? Just how big is the overlap between an art audience and a fashion audience ANYWAY? It is like one gallery owner in Paris hissed "Art today is for the very rich and fashion is for the middle class who want to fool each other into thinking they are rich" . ...Just coming back to after a loooooong night of nightcrawling and will post more + a POV on LA nightlife as soon as the word machine kicks in.

Major Men Do It Big!

Major's Major New Boy Promo PosterMajor's Major New Boy Promo Poster

Jason Kanner made it a must-have in all the modeling corridors of Manhattan this morning. It's all over the blog-sphere right now, starting at MDC. Click on "original" to get your extra-large version of Major Men's super-cool "new boys" poster photographed by Joe Lally. Or as Betty Sze put it so wittly this morning, your "Majordomo Promo". True that!

CURRENT LISTENING: The Cool Kids (Black Mags) VS Steed Lord (Dirty Mutha)

The Cool Kid's Mickey Rock chills with Steed Lord's AC Bananas: Jeremy Scott WISHES!The Cool Kid's Mickey Rock chills with Steed Lord's AC Bananas: Jeremy Scott WISHES!

I played DJ at a house party last night (for a verrrry VIP circle of...uhmm..4 people). Beverly Hills will never be the same. I pressed my I-pod Touch just in time as Chicago's finest, The Cool Kids' hot track "Black Mag" started to fade and then I kicked up Iceland's coolest,the Steed Lord's "Dirty Mutha". The house went wild. They say I have a new career waiting for me at LA parties. But on the serious The Cool Kids retro-hip-hop is genius, but I love them even more for Mickey Rock's taste in gear. He's the best styled boy in hip-hop right this second. And as for Steed Lord. You have to love Icelandic thug appeal. Stop laughing! The tracks do get it done on the dancefloor! They're all friends . How many flights are there between Rejvavik and Chicago btw?

PS Cool Kids are opening act for the MIA on her US tour trek. Her tastes are gospel for us!

A Return To Women

Diana Dondoe and Missy Raydar Rule Self Service's Winter IssueDiana Dondoe and Missy Raydar Rule Self Service's Winter Issue

1 Family: 1 Building: 27 Gallaries

This Piece Has No Title Yet: Cady Noland: Rubell Family CollectionThis Piece Has No Title Yet: Cady Noland: Rubell Family Collection

It is Miami Basel time again which means heading for the unofficial epicenter, the Rubell Family's astonishing art warehouse. It is very encouraging to know this art empire started with a $25.00 purchase. (Or is that just the myth). Here's the new season programme:

Rubell Family Collection 2007/2008 Exhibitions

Press and Art Basel Week Previews:
Wednesday - Tuesday, December 5 - 11, 2007, 9 AM - 6 PM.

Opening Reception:
Domino Magazine Breakfast, Thursday, December 6, 2007, 9 AM – Noon.

Exhibitions on view:
December 12, 2007 - November 28, 2008.

The Rubell Family Collection (RFC) is pleased to announce three new exhibitions:

Hernan Bas: Works from the Rubell Family Collection
(December 5, 2007 – November 28, 2008)

John Stezaker: Works from the Rubell Family Collection
(December 5, 2007 – November 28, 2008)

Euro-Centric, Part 1: New European Art from the Rubell Family Collection
(December 5, 2007 – November 28, 2008)

Hernan Bas: Works from the Rubell Family Collection


Claudia Schiffer in Vogue Paris: August 2007Claudia Schiffer in Vogue Paris: August 2007

"I mean I'm not nervous when I walk onto the set for a photo-shoot because there is very little that's going to happen that hasn't happened before."
Claudia Schiffer to TI.

CURRENT VIEWING: Jean Jacques Beineix's DIVA

Jean Jacques Beineix's 1981 masterpiece "Diva"Jean Jacques Beineix's 1981 masterpiece "Diva"

Max strikes again, this time pulling up Jean Jacques Beineix's fantastic French masterpiece "Diva" as companion viewing to last week's posting for "Liquid Sky" . I love Max's hard fashion meets grad student style of analysis. Keep inspiring us please!

This movie, both in it's original theatrical incarnation release in 1981 as well as the newly re-released digital version by Rialto Films (in limited release at this time), is groundbreaking, pioneering and inspirational to members of the creative industries ( art, advertising, design, fashion, film, media, modeling, photography, etc.)

Here is a short list of the impact that this movie has had in terms of influence -

a. The script and concept of the movie was/is still very directional and pioneering because it featured a mix of old Europe/France/Paris (OPERA/OLD RIGHT BANK/RIVE DROITE PARIS) with the new Europe/France Paris (NEW WAVE/EARLY SYNTH MUSIC/POST PUNK/ARABIC/AFRICAN/VIETNAMESE COLONIAL CHARACTERS/INFLUENCES), leading to further French film productions such as LA HAIGHT, INDOCHINE, BETTY BLUE. The film was also, related by "kismet" with other ground breaking films such as "LIQUID SKY" and "BLADE RUNNER".

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